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2017 Predictions: Get Ready for AI, Digital Blending, and a New Breed of Cyberattack

January 16, 2017 by Jacqueline Prause 1

Blog — Will this be the year that artificial intelligence (AI) becomes so seamlessly connected in our lives as to trigger action at the speed-of-thought? Will you...

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Refugee Code Week: Programming a Future Perspective

Feature Article — Refugee Code Week opens up new perspectives for refugees and displaced youth throughout the Middle East. “Come in!” Nisreen’s father says cheerfully, as he invites...

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14 hours ago by Dana Roesiger 0

IDC 2017 Predictions: Birth of Augmented Humanity

Blog — Speaking on a recent webinar entitled, “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2017 Predictions,” IDC Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst, Frank Gens, revealed the research...

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1 week ago by Susan Galer 0

Santa’s Supply Chain Secret

Blog — We’re approaching the time when Santa — founder, chairman, and CEO of Santa Claus Toy Manufacturing and Distribution Corp. — manages to ship billions of...

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4 weeks ago by Richard Howells 0

Africa Code Week: The Power of Public/Private Partnerships

Feature Article — Africa’s biggest digital literacy initiative surpasses expectations by a factor of three thanks to the support of government officials such as Ilham Laaziz in Morocco....

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4 weeks ago by Patricia Crazzolara 0

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