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John Ward

By John Ward

What Recipe Makes This Bread Business So Successful?

In its most basic form, it starts with flour and water. Yet this simple recipe is the foundation for a food so fundamental to human existence that it has been called the... Read more »

Stick to the Basics in Family Recipes and the Sausage Business

I come from a long line of Pennsylvania Germans. This might not be obvious from my surname. But you could sure tell by looking at the family dinner table. I grew up on a... Read more »

Education is Key to Breaking the Cycle of Child Poverty

Plan International is dedicated to lifting children out of poverty in more than 50 countries around the globe. “Our mission is to make sure every child achieves their full... Read more »

Oil & Gas Conference Helps Put Human Face on Water Crisis

When it comes to most fund-raising efforts, we usually have little direct connection with the people we hope to help. This certainly doesn’t diminish the value of our... Read more »

It’s Big Data Versus Mother Nature in Texas Showdown

On May 25, 2015 Houston experienced a rain storm of historic proportions. More than 11 inches of rain pounded the region in one night. By morning the highways were flooded,... Read more »

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