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#DigitalProfiles Reveal Technology’s Human Spirit

March 11, 2016 by SAP News 204

“The human spirit must prevail over technology,” Albert Einstein once said. In discussions about bits and bytes, it is sometimes easy to overlook the human spirit underlying our passion for technology.

#DigitalProfiles is a new project from SAP that reveals the human side of digital transformation in its many approaches and forms. It is a cross-industry collection of portraits that capture the reflections of people sharing their thoughts about how digital transformation is affecting technology and communication in their organizations.

The project began as a photo documentary at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, where IT and mobile professionals from various backgrounds were asked to give their perspectives about how digital transformation is shaping their organizations. What emerged is a compelling, optimistic take on how digital transformation is changing the world we live in.

Take a look at some of the #DigitalProfiles below. You can also view the collection as an e-magazine here.


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