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Mindfulness at Work: Keeping a Clear Head

July 22, 2016 by Torsten Falk 201 Hot Story

Feature Article — The mindfulness training program Search Inside Yourself helps employees stay focused on the essentials even when they’re stressed. You ought to just finish that off....

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Does the World Really Need Designers?

Feature Article — Design and designers are essential in creating a product – whether it is software, physical products, websites or mobile apps – that will be successful...

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1 day ago by Hyun Lee 34

Fraud in the Digital Era: Is It the Beginning or End of an Arms Race?

Feature Article — Fraud and corruption are as old as trade itself. However, as our world becomes increasingly digital, we have to ask ourselves: Will trade and supply...

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1 day ago by Kai Goerlich 23

The NHL Connects Fans to the Sport with SAP

Feature Article — With games being played for roughly 10 months out of the year, there isn’t much down-time in the NHL Monitoring the data generated from those...

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2 days ago by Ryan Somers 57

How to Fix Social Media Customer Service

Feature Article — A brand’s silence in social media is deafening. Customers who tweet a brand expect a response. Over half (53%) want to hear back within an...

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2 days ago by Chris Koch 40

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Take Your Biz from Good to Great: Innovate!

Radiocasts — The buzz: Good, better, best … never let it rest… Reality check for small businesses: there will always be a better way of doing something....

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