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Mindfulness at Work: Keeping a Clear Head

July 22, 2016 by Torsten Falk 214 Hot Story

Feature Article — The mindfulness training program Search Inside Yourself helps employees stay focused on the essentials even when they’re stressed. You ought to just finish that off....

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How EcoReco Is Changing the Bay Area Commute

Feature Article — According to Reuters, the average American commuter wastes about 42 hours a year mired in traffic. The California Bay Area is one of the six most...

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4 days ago by Christine Donato 30

Spotlight on Women Leaders at SAP: Marion Ryan

Feature Article — Marion Ryan, Vice President of General Business in Asia-Pacific Japan (APJ) at SAP, unexpectedly discovered that a career in high technology perfectly aligned with her...

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4 days ago by Susan Galer 110 Hot Story

Manufacturing and IoT: Connecting All Things Unconnected for Market Leadership

Feature Article — For manufacturers, the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more than about efficiency and maintaining machines. Now, it’s an opportunity to run as Live Business...

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4 days ago by Kai Goerlich 37

India Takes Next Digital Leap

Feature Article — “GST”: Three letters that spell dramatic change for India and for every company part of a supply chain in the world’s seventh largest economy. They...

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5 days ago by Paul Baur 99 Hot Story

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Take Your Biz from Good to Great: Innovate!

Radiocasts — The buzz: Good, better, best … never let it rest… Reality check for small businesses: there will always be a better way of doing something....

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