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Gaining Confidence in the Cloud: An SAP S/4HANA Case Study with Intrigo

August 11, 2017 by Darren Roos 546 Hot Story

Feature Article — The public cloud services market is expected to grow 18 percent this year, according to Gartner, totaling $246.8 billion. With the research firm also predicting...

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Corporate Sponsorships Reimagined: FC Bayern Munich

Feature Article — Once upon a time, FC Bayern Munich was powered by 52 different IT systems. On the pitch, we were beautifully orchestrated, eleven men working as...

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4 days ago by Stefan Mennerich, director of Digital Media and Communications, FC Bayern Munich 15

Michael Phelps, Bill McDermott Share Their Winning Moves

Feature Article — After losing his recent race against a great white shark, Michael Phelps, the world’s greatest swimmer, tweeted “Rematch? Next time…warmer water.” While this five-word tweet...

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5 days ago by Angela Schuller 167 Hot Story

Machine Learning, IoT, VR, and Microservices Are Here to Stay

Feature Article — If you’re still thinking about machine learning, IoT, VR and microservices as far-away concepts, I’ve got some news for you: they are here, now, and...

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5 days ago by Jenn Vande Zande 21

Hanging Ten on the IoT Innovation Wave

Feature Article — In surfing, the ideal is to ride your board in the surf’s most powerful place — that perfect spot just before where the wave breaks....

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1 week ago by John Ward 21

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Three Big Trends to Help You Better Personalize Your Products

Feature Article — Manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to both speed up their supply chains and personalize their products. To make that happen, they will have to think differently about their processes -- using all kinds of data from across an expanding network -- and master three major trends in manufacturing.

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