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5 Disruptive Tech Trends that Make Finance More Powerful

February 1, 2016 by Derek Klobucher 285 Hot Story

Feature Article — Think about how liberating new technology can be. Forget thoughts of costs and implementation time, and imagine new business processes that you’ve shaped with nothing...

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Be Yourself. Everyone Wins.

Feature Article — Preaching diversity is one thing, living it is quite another. Technologist Moya Watson evangelizes the benefits of diversity and authenticity for innovation at tech companies....

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1 week ago by Paul Baur 738 Hot Story

Where Are All the Women in Tech?

Feature Article — Where are all the women in tech? There are, of course, very high profile female executives who are great examples to all of us (Ginni...

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1 week ago by Maggie Fox 88 Hot Story

Spotlight on Women Leaders at SAP: Brenda Reid

Feature Article — Brenda Reid, Vice President of Product Management at SAP SuccessFactors, talks with SAP News about how diversity fuels disruption, why being data-hungry hurts companies, and...

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2 weeks ago by Susan Galer 126 Hot Story

SAP Kicks Off 2016 in China: A Tale of Two New Years

Feature Article — Earlier this month, SAP Greater China held its sales kickoff in Beijing. Fortuitously timed between the Gregorian calendar New Year and Chinese New Year, there...

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2 weeks ago by Robin Meyerhoff 263 Hot Story

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Small Business Coach: Navigating Business in 2016

Radiocasts — The buzz: GPS. The IMF recently had good news for entrepreneurs and small business owners: “The underlying drivers for acceleration in consumption and investment in...

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