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Mindfulness at Work: Keeping a Clear Head

July 22, 2016 by Torsten Falk 216 Hot Story

Feature Article — The mindfulness training program Search Inside Yourself helps employees stay focused on the essentials even when they’re stressed. You ought to just finish that off....

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One Aspect of Climate Change Everyone Can Agree On

Feature Article — The topic of climate change has in many ways become as polarizing as politics and religion. It’s usually a good idea to avoid bringing it...

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5 days ago by Darren Hunter 57

Fallout From the Brexit: How Will It Impact You?

Feature Article — The outcome of the Brexit referendum took the whole world by surprise. It was clear that the financial markets were not prepared. The global markets...

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5 days ago by Robert Enslin 38

Does Organizational Flexibility and Contingent Work Mean the End Of Succession Planning?

Feature Article — Companies that use contingent workers across the organizational hierarchy – from manufacturing floor employees to a rent-a-CFO – are clearly trying to stay as agile...

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5 days ago by Michael Rander 76

Scoring Beyond the Pitch with Coding Skills

Feature Article — Coding and corner kicks changing the game for underprivileged youth by offering chances and spreading passion for IT: This was the KickApp Cup Season 2015/2016....

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1 week ago by Corinna Machmeier 47

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Take Your Biz from Good to Great: Innovate!

Radiocasts — The buzz: Good, better, best … never let it rest… Reality check for small businesses: there will always be a better way of doing something....

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