Posting Errors Displayed Immediately

SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure enables companywide and uniform integration and management of business processes. Yet companies still face the challenge of monitoring the processes – and acting quickly in the event of an error.

SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI) works as a broker between SAP and non-SAP solutions, making information exchange secure. Although the component has diverse options for monitoring data exchange, it can do so only in terms of the data’s conversion and distribution. Once SAP NetWeaver XI has successfully converted data into the desired format and transmitted it to the SAP back end, it regards its task as complete – successfully and without errors.
It’s also vitally important for a business processes to know that the target system has processed the transferred information correctly. Monitoring this operation is not a native task of SAP NetWeaver XI. REALTECH BackendBooster for SAP NetWeaver XI optimally supplements the functions of the broker.

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