Building a Factory of the Future with SAP Leonardo and Fujitsu

Feature Article — One of the biggest mistakes companies can make on the road to connected manufacturing is taking ideas to developers while keeping decision-makers from the business...

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July 18, 2017 by Susan Galer 279 Hot Story

Welcome to the Digital Renaissance

Feature Article — A renaissance is a period of vigorous intellectual activity and creativity. The term derives from the Renaissance, the period between the 14th and 17th centuries...

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July 3, 2017 by Richard Howells 57

SAP S/4HANA Powers Healthy Water, Cool Places to Eat, Connected Cars, Safe Homes

Feature Article — Clean water, good food, secure homes and sustainable transportation are among the basics we count on every day. Thanks to innovations like SAP S/4HANA, access...

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June 22, 2017 by Susan Galer 697

The Role Of AI In Financial Trading – It’s Not What You Think

Feature Article — The financial industry has been all over artificial intelligence (AI) supporting front-end trading processes, leaving much of the rest of the business in the last...

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June 20, 2017 by Susan Galer 123

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