Spotlight: Hasso Plattner

The Boardroom of the Future Will Simplify Business at an Unprecedented Rate

Thanks to huge gains in simplified data models, and the promise of in-memory technology, companies around the world will soon see “unbelievable business results”,... Read more »

The In-Memory Revolution

A new book explains theory, technology, and practice behind in-memory databases, the engine on which completely new applications can be based.... Read more »

Your Keys to the Keynotes at SAPPHIRE NOW

They’re not on your keychain. You won’t find them at the bottom of your handbag. And they’re not in your back pocket either. Your keys to the SAPPHIRE NOW... Read more »

A Café, Workspace and Bold New Idea: HanaHaus Opens in Palo Alto

On March 19, an exciting new space created by SAP opened on University Avenue in Palo Alto. HanaHaus is a place to work, learn, play – and drink some of the world’s best... Read more »

Think Like a Startup: Hasso Plattner at SAP Select

In pursuit of innovation, companies are looking for ways of incubating new ideas within the enterprise, just as startups do. ... Watch the video »

Stumping The Innovator’s Dilemma

SAP founder Hasso Plattner and disruption expert Clayton Christensen discuss how the in-memory database is revolutionizing computing and may even help resolve the dilemma... Read more »

SAP to Host Press Conference and Financial Analyst and Investor Conference from SAPPHIRE NOW

ORLANDO — SAP AG invites press, bloggers and analysts to attend its press conference at SAPPHIRE NOW, being held June 3-5 in Orlando.... Read more »

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