Spotlight: SAP Community Network

Making Cycling a Way of Life at SAP

I started bicycling to work in 2008 and discovered that it was my favorite means of transportation. One day, I had an idea that SAP should support bike commuters the same way... Read more »

Career Ladders Project Empowers Youth via STEM Education

SAP continues to empower the youth, generate future leaders in technology, and create career pathways for students though the invested interest in STEM education.... Read more »

The World of Work Is Shifting – Our Mindset in Female Leadership Should Too

What we have traditionally known as work is undergoing a massive transformation. ... Read more »

Cartoon Contest: It’s Simple!

Welcome to an experiment! I’d like to try to tempt you to take part in a New-Yorker-style cartoon caption contest. I'm hoping that this will be an opportunity to unleash... Read more »

SAP Backs Education at the Global Education & Skills Forum 2014

The statistics are sobering: 57 million children are not in primary school, and 49% of them will probably never set foot in a classroom during their lifetimes; children from... Read more »

Philippines: SAP Supports Disaster Relief

With winds over 300 kilometers per hour, Typhoon Haiyan was the strongest “Super Typhoons” of the last decade and one of the largest ever recorded, producing a... Read more »

Philippines: SAP Supports Disaster Relief

The Joys of Being T-Shirt Cannon Fodder

Do you ever wonder what extra-terrestrial anthropologists would think of how we behave? I do. All the time.... Read more »

The Joys of Being T-Shirt Cannon Fodder
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