Spotlight: SAP for Retail

Study: High-Performing Retailers Reinvent HR

Retailers worldwide are fighting for the biggest share of in-store and internet spend, which is projected to reach $22.492 trillion in 2015. But the ability of retailers to... Read more »

Migros Goes Mobile to Help Customers Live Better Every Day

Mobile technology has changed the world. The speed and ease with which we can communicate, access information, and make transactions has enhanced and simplified our lives in... Read more »

Burberry and Ulta Beauty Mobilize with Clienteling

Angela Ahrendts, the Apple executive and former Burberry CEO, is known for using technology to break down the silos between online and brick-and-mortar sales. This is a... Read more »

SAP Plans Assortment Planning Tool for the Connected Retailer

NEW YORK — In the age of the empowered consumer, shoppers have higher expectations of retailers, and require fresh, compelling assortments to stay engaged and loyal.... Read more »

SAP Helps Retailers Run Simple for Success at NRF

NEW YORK — SAP SE will showcase its operating principle Run Simple and its commitment to simpler, smarter operations at the NRF 104th Annual Convention & EXPO, being... Read more »

Top Trends in Retail

Pat Bakey, Global General Manager for SAP Retail, explains how Big Data, real-time computing, and the cloud are helping retailers. ... Watch the video »

Tasty & Techy: Rising Sentiment Around Grocery Shopping Apps

One of the most unifying needs for us all is - food. We all have to eat, but have you ever paid much thought into where your food comes from, or why you shop where you do? ... Read more »

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