Topic Spotlight: Mobile

Coaching Women Entrepreneurs: Starting Smart – Part 2

The buzz: Good for you! You’re a woman with an exciting, innovative, game-changing idea for a new business? Impressive! Bravo! But will you have what it takes to... Read more and listen »

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Social Selling: Engaging in the Social Conversation

The buzz: Building blocks. Attention, sales reps: If you (still) believe a LinkedIn profile is all it takes for a positive social brand and reputation, you’re not even... Read more and listen »

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Self-Service Software Disrupts Higher Education in Mexico

Creating disruptive higher education models is all in a day’s learning for the Mexico-based Tecnológico de Monterrey (Monterrey Institute of Technology). The Institute... Read more »

Smart Cities, Smart Streets: IoT to the Rescue

The buzz: Honk honk! Beep beep! From traffic congestion to air pollution to crime, there is no shortage of problems waiting to be solved in major cities around the world.... Read more and listen »

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The Pope is Coming: Pray for Your Internet

In this age of digital disruption, it’s easy to write off communications service providers (CSPs), aka telcos as aging dinosaurs, slowly being eaten (fork by fork) by agile... Read more »

From Compliance to Strategy: The Road Forward

The buzz: Beyond basics. The functions that sustain your workforce day-by-day are basic processes that keep your company compliant with legislation, labor unions, and... Read more and listen »

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Future of Medicine: Will Supply Chains Be Ready?

The buzz: Drug supply risks. Today, more often than is acceptable, a required antibiotic or chronic disease drug cannot be delivered on time. What will happen tomorrow... Read more and listen »

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