Topic Spotlight: Sustainability

Data Security Breaches Part 4: Wise-Up to Real-Life Impacts

The buzz: Spelling bee. Cybersecurity breaches in the headlines continue to strike fear in the hearts of companies, governments and individuals worldwide. For... Read more and listen »

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Closing Your Sales Productivity Gap

The buzz: Zzzzs [More sleep, please]!  Is sales productivity, or lack of it, keeping your C-Suite awake at night? They have good reason to toss and turn, with the sales... Read more and listen »

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Social Startups Get Revved Up in the Valley

Ajaita Shah was raised in an affluent New York City suburb. She was an honors student, star of the debate team, competitive athlete, participated in a chorus and trained in... Read more »

Change is Inevitable: Success Secrets of a Change Champion

The buzz: The law of life (JFK). What? Change. And it’s inevitable whenever your organization needs to grow and adapt to new business requirements. Who handles change... Read more and listen »

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Emerging Paradigms and the Future of Business

The buzz: Crystal ball time. Yes, change is inevitable. But today’s unprecedented pace and scale of change presents unique challenges for the future of... Read more and listen »

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Rising to the Digital Challenge

My visit to South Africa during National Science Week has sparked quite the feeling of nostalgia in me. From driving through the streets of my childhood in Cape Town, to the... Read more »

Consumer Industries: Using Real-time Consumer Insights

The buzz: 24/7/365. More than 1.5 billion consumers worldwide use a smartphone 150 times a day on average. For most, it’s their primary access to the... Read more and listen »

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