Counterfeit Medical Products: Stop the Madness

Radiocasts | November 12, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: Counterfeits.

The saying “Quality has its price” is especially true for pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices, where counterfeiting is now a $Billion market. How can we protect patient safety and stem staggering revenue losses facing honest manufacturers? The food, fashion, high tech products and automotive industries face similar challenges. Will Life Sciences solve it first?

The experts speak.

Eric Newmark, IDC: “The life science industry has dragged its feet for the last two decades with item-level serialization, keeping it in the dark ages, and positioning itself as an easy target for counterfeiters.”

Manish Tandon, InfoSys: “True glory takes root and spreads; all false pretenses, like flowers, fall to the ground – nor can any counterfeit last long.” (Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher)

Joe Miles, SAP: “When the World Health Organization says 10 percent of the drugs in the world market are fake, I’d say it’s a reasonable and educated guess…” (Roger Bate, Forbes India Magazine: “Will the world get cracking on an international treaty on fake drugs?”, November 4, 2014)

Join us for Counterfeit Medical Products: Stop the Madness.

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