“Growth to meet increasing customer expectations and needs, not to simply grow our market share”

Lores Stewart
Lores Stewart

Based on the mySAP Business Suite SAP has positioned itself as a strategic partner for the entire lifecycle of solutions. What goals is SAP pursuing with SAP GPSO?

Stewart: The goals for SAP GPSO are no different than any other unit in SAP – to do what is right for our people, our customers and our shareholders. The important point is that SAP GPSO is not a strategy unto itself – rather a component of the overall SAP strategy to be the world´s most viable, independent provider of business solutions. To support this, SAP GPSO is focused on improving customer satisfaction, managing to increased profitability levels, tightening our alignment with the field organization, industry business units (IBUs), support and marketing and, of course, to enhance the workplace for our people.

How does SAP GPSO work together with the consulting partners of SAP to support the customers?

Stewart: The partners are a crucial part of the SAP ecosystem. Day-to-day we work closely with them to meet the needs of our joint customers. The responsibility of SAP in the project is determined by the customer and varies from leading the project, to sharing the responsibility with the involved partners to delivering only certain parts or expertise in the project. Our partners value our involvement in the projects for on-the-job knowledge transfer and quality control. In the future we expect an even closer cooperation with certain partners, but do not anticipate a large increase of our overall market share for consulting services. Our partners will still carry out the majority of the consulting and implementation business.

Which consulting services does SAP GPSO offer, and towards which customers are these services targeted?

Stewart: SAP GPSO offers a broad range of consulting and implementation services to global, regional and local customers. We help them achieve a rapid return on investment at a minimal and predictable risk. We accompany the customer along the entire solution life-cycle, from the beginning with strategy development, through the implementation project to the ongoing business process optimization. It is important to mention that we offer these services on a global scale with over 9,000 consultants in more than 43 countries.

How do the two key areas of SAP GPSO “Business Consulting” and “Solution Consulting” differ, and what are their roles?

Stewart: Business Consulting and Solution Consulting are two offerings which are seamlessly integrated. With Business Consulting we help our customers to develop the right strategies and business models as basis for their IT solutions. Business Consulting also offers assessments and return on investment analysis where customers can clearly identify how they can best benefit from their IT investments. Leveraging the expertise of SAP at an early stage ensures made-to-measure solutions, rapid implementation, and project success. With our Solution and IT Consulting we bring these strategies to life. We design the detailed business processes and solution architecture and roll them out. Solution Consulting also offers services to review the quality and risk of any SAP implementation project, regardless if led by SAP or any of its partners.

What were the major achievements and successes of SAP GPSO in 2002?

Stewart: In 2002 we successfully implemented business and engagement models that provide a basis for consulting to be operated globally yet remain fully integrated with the local SAP sales team. We were building an operational platform that will accommodate the needs of our customers – globally, regionally and locally. And SAP GPSO developed a human resource framework that addresses personnel issues of managing a business globally. All in all we that way contributed to the overall financial success of SAP.

What are the future plans for SAP GPSO?

Stewart: We will continue our taken path to deliver best in class services to our customers leveraging the full potential of our ecosystem. In addition, SAP GPSO will work on benchmark projects and deliver new product solutions. Last but not least we want to achieve even greater alignment with the many moving parts of SAP.

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