New Partnership, New Product Version

Designation Intensifies Cooperation with SAP

SAP introduced the SAP Global Partner – Software program to intensify global collaboration with a few, highly qualified software partners. As the single current supplier of enterprise content management, IXOS managed to jump from a selected group of about 500 SAP partners to the highest status of SAP software partners the first time that the designation was awarded. In granting the designation, SAP honored the partnership it has enjoyed with IXOS for many years and indicated that it will continue to regard the company as the preferred document management supplier for mySAP Business Suite in the future.
“Increased cooperation with SAP creates a clear competitive advantage for us in the market for SAP-related document solutions. We’re convinced that our listing in SAP Global Partner – Software will have a noticeable effect on our revenues in this strategically important area,” says Richard Gailer, the board member in charge of sales and marketing at IXOS.

Document Integration Further Improved

With its IXOS eCONtext for mySAP CRM, IXOS has simultaneously pressed ahead with the integration of its solutions with SAP solutions. The current version of the IXOS product already supports SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) 3.1, the technical component of mySAP CRM. “With IXOS eCONtext for mySAP CRM, we provide an optimal enhancement to mySAP CRM 3.0 and 3.1,” says Janina Heinrich, a product manager at IXOS.
With the IXOS solution, employees in sales, marketing, or call centers work within the familiar environment of mySAP CRM to access customer-relevant documents and data from various SAP and non-SAP systems. The new version of the product, scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year, simplifies and accelerates the creation and processing of content management documents. It supports the functions of a document management system, including check-in, check-out, and versioning. The new version enables users to grant various statuses to a document and can trigger automatic generation of .pdf or .tiff documents from Microsoft Office documents. It can also store templates for customer correspondence and quotations, for example.
IXOS DocuLink will offer ideal processing and administration of documents, especially those that must undergo comprehensive processing of several versions, such as complex quotations or contracts. For example, the document status will enable users to start various actions. If a quotation is set to the document status of “released,” the solution can automatically trigger both archiving of the document version and a quotation workflow.
These functions can be used ideally in the context of a customer folder that contains the entire quotation and order process along with all the contracts and documents that belong to it. The same holds true in marketing for the creation of data sheets, campaigns, and so on. In addition, the new version of IXOS eCONtext for mySAP CRM optimizes the ability to download customer documents and the corresponding attribute records for offline users. This feature enables predefined downloads to occur regularly and automatically.

Greater Benefits from mySAP CRM

IXOS eCONtext for mySAP CRM represents an additional development of the document management solution offered by Munich-based IXOS. It increases the benefits already offered by mySAP CRM. “CRM users want to be able to trace the entire history of a relationship with a customer,” explains Janina Heinrich. “Only when a CRM application makes all customer information available just like when it originally arrived on paper, can company employees provide reliable information and answer customers’ questions to their satisfaction.”
The IXOS solution ensues that this kind of customer-relevant information is available on the screens of front-office employees within seconds. Employees no longer have to spend time looking for invoices, quotations, or other required documents. When a customer calls, they can call up the documents in seconds and access them immediately, which significantly improves contact with customers.

Revolutionized Order Processing

For example, a PC manufacturer that uses the mySAP CRM interaction center as an interface for communicating with customers can use IXOS eCONtext for mySAP CRM to revolutionize order processing. While orders, order confirmations, and other documents traditionally required handling on paper, the IXOS solution enables users to archive documents ahead of time so that the ordering process is accelerated drastically.
If a customer orders a computer on the telephone from the PC manufacturer, the call center agent in mySAP CRM creates an order. As usual, the order is given a bar code, printed in the mail room, and sent to the customer for signature. When the customer returns the signed form to the company, employees in the mail room scan it, and a completely automatic workflow directs an electronic version of the document to an employee in the order acceptance department who processes the order as part of a predefined Web flow. The employee only has to check the signature. As soon as the employee releases the order, the solution automatically generates an order confirmation. The scanned order form and the order data from mySAP CRM are now linked. The order data, the scanned order form, and all other documents, such as the order confirmation and invoice, are available in the customer folder provided by IXOS technology. Regardless of the type of customer inquiry – e-mail, fax, or telephone – the documents can be retrieved in seconds from mySAP CRM.

Early Archiving Saves Time and Money

“Early archiving or documents, which begins with mass scanning in the mail room, means that all documents are directed and processed electronically as part of a Web flow,” underscores Janina Heinrich. “Even the savings gained from not having to move mail internally contributes to significant acceleration of the processes. Additional time is saved by automated order processing. And we save the high costs of warehousing because the documents are archived by IXOS eCONserver and no longer stored in paper form.”
Naturally, the possibility of processing order and customer inquires more quickly and competently with the IXOS solution also increases customer satisfaction. Previously, long and involved research stored in paper files was needed to answer customer inquires. Now the call center agent and the IXOS customer folder mean that everything related to a customer is available at the touch of a button.

Sibylle Hofmeyer
Sibylle Hofmeyer