A Day to Die, a Day to Be Reborn

In Hebrew, “Atid” means “future”. And for Atid Computers, the future lies with SAP Business One.
Founded in 1988, Atid operates 14 stores throughout Israel, handling the top brands: HP, Dell, and IBM. In 2001, it generated sales of 54 million shekels (about $11 million). Its 60 employees access a central database of more than 100,000 registered customers from remote workstations.
The chain grew steadily, and in 1999 Atid’s inventory system reached a milestone: one million transactions a year. Then one day it simply collapsed, paralyzing the stores for three days and causing damage in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. “It was clear that we needed a new IT system”, explains Danny Fishler, Atid’s CEO.

SAP Business One Meets the Criteria

The company began its search for a system that could meet Fishler’s strict criteria: the company’s complete ability to maintain the software and customize it to their needs, a user-friendly system, and migration completed in less than one day – with no negative impact on the stores’ ongoing operations. “Only SAP Business One answered these requirements”, says Fisher.
SAP Business One significantly simplified critical functions for Atid’s senior managers. “In our previous environment, we had to use external applications to get data and statistical cross-sections”, Fishler says. “Today I generate reports and analyses through SAP Business One. Previously, every report was a hassle to generate. Now I can do it in a second.”
In July 2001, Atid implemented SAP Business One in a meticulously scripted one-day operation. Two weeks before the official migration, all employees received the software in their stores, along with training material. A week later, they were asked to submit their completed materials to demonstrate their understanding of the program. The results showed that the SAP Business One interface was intuitive and eliminated the need for formal coursework and training.

The Day of Reckoning

The migration was planned for a Saturday, and data through the previous Tuesday was migrated into the system. SAP Business One went live at the close of business Friday. Atid staffers then reentered the transactions from Wednesday through Friday into the new system. This enabled Atid to achieve two goals: precise use of SAP Business One in day-to-day operations and an intensive real-time test of the system under extraordinary conditions – 60 users working simultaneously at full speed. Within three hours, all transactions for the three days were entered, and by 11:00 a.m. Saturday the first stores began operations with SAP Business One.
The flexible SAP Business One environment easily scales and adapts to give management optimal control, and employees have fast, efficient access to the information and applications they need. This increased speed and efficiency freed Atid staff to perform other functions, making the system extremely cost-effective. “Previously, system backups were very complicated tasks, almost impossible to perform”, recalls Fishler. “Today we do them with a single click on the keyboard.”
Another example: “When we would input a complex query, our previous system took a long time to generate the results. With SAP Business One, we get results almost instantly. The processes for issuing invoices and receipts are simple and fast. And that means employees at stores can dedicate their time to their most important task – customer service.”