Collaboration in Development and Implementation

Over last three decades, SAP has been cultivating partnerships with the outstanding companies in solution development and implementation – the ones that customers can put their trust in for every phase of their SAP project. SAP Business Partners enter into a mutually beneficial agreement to actively cultivate the small and midsize business (SMB) market for SAP solutions and to work closely with SAP to develop and deliver these solutions.
To foster country-specific market development, SAP establishes links between partners and SAP field organizations and keeps the SAP sales and consulting teams informed of partner services and products. A SAP alliance organization in each country identifies the most suitable partnership opportunities and collaborates with partners on business planning, lead generation, networking, and joint projects.

The mySAP All-in-One partner network

To help a business partner get started developing a mySAP All-in-One solution, SAP can introduce them to other business partners already operating in the targeted industry sector. The object of this networked approach is to help reduce the cost of solution development and increase knowledge sharing, which in turn helps all the partners climb the competitive ladder.
SAP offers a “dating agency” service to help bring together partners who are least likely to compete and who will offer the most synergy operating together. That works out to everybody’s benefit – SAP, the customer, and the partner. To assure a true win-win situation, it is essential that the businesses match have a good cultural fit and that the partners clearly identify and agree on their mutual benefits.
Generally, each solution network will have a key player, and solutions can be exchanged online. In most cases, it will be a partner who has built a focused mySAP All-in-One solution and is reselling the knowledge and skills to the other partners. In other cases, partners collaborate to develop a solution.
The skills needed for selling, implementing, and supporting the customer are different in the mid-market, and the structure of mySAP All-in-One solution-development is unique. Therefore, once the contracts are in place, the solution developer may wish to deliver a formal certification program for the staff of the solution reseller. Certification also protects the value of the solution by ensuring that it is handled in a consistent, professional manner around the globe.

The SAP Business One partner network

SAP has developed several strategies to build the SAP Business One channel, increase market share, and support partners in the SMB market. SAP provides central lead generation support so that partners can develop their own SAP Business One features, components, and product suites for their customers. SAP has also established a global partner network of independent software vendors (ISVs) to offer specialized SAP Business One solutions. SAP provides ISVs and other qualified partners with a software development kit and the support they need to tailor and extend the SAP Business One functionality.
The first SAP Business One specialized solution has been developed by Swiss partner Simultan, bringing core functionalities from Simultan’s SMB solutions platform into SAP Business One. In addition to cost calculation and asset management capabilities, Simultan is adding human resources management capabilities specific to the Swiss market. Simultan plans to integrate all its components into the SAP user interface to attain the full look and feel of SAP Business One.
In Germany, ISV partner Weber Datentechnik has developed a production planning and control system in use at Osmota, a manufacturer of water purification equipment. Osmota, a small business with a staff of 20, recently replaced its legacy ERP software with SAP Business One and has deployed Weber Datentechniks enhanced functionality to cover business processes ranging from materials management and purchase order processing to revenue planning and profitability analysis.

Continuing partner support

The more value a partner can add to fulfill customer requirements, the higher the partner’s value to SAP. When a partner combines top quality, integrity, and timeliness, SAP is committed to training, promoting, and collaborating with the partner over the entire life cycle of a customer solution to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
The online SMB Partner Portal offers an exclusive partner forum for current information about SAP solutions, new training opportunities, qualification and certification programs, and other partner-related resources. The SAP Partner Directory serves as a yellow pages for the SAP partner community, where prospects and customers can locate the right partner for their needs. Partners can use their directory entry as a sales and marketing tool to display corporate information, contacts, products, and related links. They can also assemble catalogs to showcase products and services.
In further network support, SAP provides education services and certification training to partners.

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