Cooperation Comes in Many Flavors

IT solution developers and resellers who would like to become SAP Business Partners (up to now Channel Partner) have several options. Take, for example, vertical solutions that address a particular segment of an industry. For example, The Dealer-Management-Solution (DMS) is a vertical solution developed especially for dealers – a segment of the automotive industry. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) for mySAP All-in-One solutions are partners who are focused on a particular industry segment, have already gained a substantial customer base in that segment, and offer their own segment solution.
The idea behind is the ISV program is to synchronize the SAP and ISV product and solution strategies to provide one best-of-breed solution under theISV brand and „Powered by SAP“. A vertical solution created by the ISV can be based on any of the mySAP Business Suite standad components. In order to support partners in developing and implementing my SAP All-in-One solutions SAP provides SAP Best Practices for many industries (see also “SAP Best Practices: New Generation for Speedy Implementation“)
SAP can help ISV candidates leapfrog their competition. By partnering with SAP, ISVs establish a brand partnership that opens doors. They also gain access to a proven technology platform and core solutions with full SAP support; an established channel infrastructure; and strong local, regional, and global references. Transfer costs (and risks) of core solution development and maintenance are covered by SAP.
In the business development phase, the ISV and SAP work out the details of a cooperative plan. The actual business case is then developed in joint workshops and deployed to the customer with extensive SAP support: Ongoing maintenance and support is of highest importance for the end-customers and for the ISV.
ISVs become SAP Business Partners when they adopt the mySAP Business Suite or SAP Business One platform and imbed it in their own proven vertical solutions. Using the SAP “engine,” ISVs extend their solutions vertically, branding them “Powered by SAP” and marketing them under their own name and for their own account.
SAP Business Partners serve SMBs as one-stop shopping partners.
In the United States market, a Vertical Solution Reseller (VSR) develops an attractive, demonstrable my SAP All-in-One vertical industry solution. SAP establishes a national VSR partnership following a six-phase SMB business partner qualification process.
In other regions a SAP Business Partner can operate in one of several areas:
SAP Value Added Reseller (VAR): an authorized reseller of SAP software whose main focus is to win new customers in the SMB market segment. A VAR has a dedicated sales force that generates leads and offers specific, one-stop SMB shopping solutions. Its offerings ranges from implementation to ongoing support throughout the entire life cycle.
SAP Business One Sales & Service Partner (SSP): processes sales, training, installation, support, development, marketing, and consulting. It also focuses on acquiring new customers for SAP in the SMB market. Typically, it has less in-depth SAP expertise than a VAR but gains the opportunity to expand its know-how through SAP basic training.
SAP Application Service Provider (ASP): offers SAP solutions (mySAP All-in-One or SAP Business One) as a service to the SMB market. An ASP operating as a business partner also focuses on dedicated solutions for the SMB market.
SAP Business One Solution Center (VAR or ISV): sells its own vertical solution software, combined with/or integrated in SAP Business One via an SSP net. It delivers support, presales, sales, consulting, marketing, channel management, training, and services to the SSPs for SAP Business One plus their own developed solution.

An SAP Business One Service Center supplies sales, pre-sales, and consulting resources for the assigned SSPs in an area. It also delivers nationwide service and channel management.>partner management->partner program for SAP Business One->partnerships>partner management->partner program for mySAP All-in-One->partnerships