Industry-Specific Support

Every industry has its unique requirements. The automotive supplier, food, and pharmaceutical industries, for example, work under strict, limiting conditions imposed by distribution, established modes of communication, or regulatory oversight.
When initiating or upgrading their IT systems, SMBs in such tight vertical industries can find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They’re looking for a solid core of basic business functions, but they also need applications that address their industry’s specialized requirements. A generalized solution suite – no matter how well integrated – will leave some important areas of an industry unattended.
In the SMB arena, no one software vendor, no matter how broad its expertise, could meet the demands of every vertical industry. Yet there were any number of established firms which had intimate knowledge of each of these industries. The answer for SAP: expand the range and nature of its already significant partnership network.

The coming of mySAP All-in-One

The practical result has been the launching of a partner program for mySAP All-in-One – a pre-packaged, industry-specific solution based on mySAP Business Suite. mySAP All-in-One is aimed at SMBs with complex business processes and IT requirements. The all-inclusive solutions – comprising software, hardware, and consulting services – are pre-configured to the typical business processes of the three main business branches – retail, industry, and services – in addition to selected specific industries.
mySAP All-in-One then is not a software “product” in the usual sense, but rather a closely controlled yet flexible concept that enlists business partners in the design, development, marketing, resale, and implementation of their own integrated, industry-specific solutions. To ensure quality and consistency, SAP has set up a certification program for business partners who are authorized to sell mySAP All-in-One solutions.

Ready for fine-tuning

IT systems for small and midsize companies must be affordable, quick to implement, and easy to learn, operate, and maintain. mySAP All-in-One solutions are cost-effective, turnkey solutions that include the basic range of applications that any business requires, wedded to industry-specific elements that can be further fine-tuned for any organization. Each mySAP All-In-One solution provides built-in end-to-end integration, so that all elements work together seamlessly. And since they come pre-packaged, they can be implemented rapidly and easily. They are also scalable: as a company grows, it can add functional “building blocks” as needed, complete with their own documentation.
When developing mySAP All-in-One solutions partners can leverage SAP Best Practices, which bring together the knowledge and proven industry-specific business processes accumulated by SAP and its partners over decades (see also “SAP Best Practices: New Generation for Speedy Implementation” ). SAP Best Practices for mySAP All-in-One comprise everything needed to exploit the potentials of such SAP solutions as mySAP Customer Relationship Management, mySAP Supply Chain Management, and SAP Business Information Warehouse for both new and existing customers.

Low risk for partner and customer

Managing risk in an SMB project is critical for both customer and partner: the customer is often on a limited budget, and the partner is trying to maximize margins. With mySAP All-in-One, partner expertise in the specific industry is combined with support from SAP to keep risk to a minimum. All pre-configured processes have been fully tested and documented in advance to reduce or eliminate the need for customization and integration testing, and to accelerate learning.
Since the SAP Business Partner and the customer form a lasting relationship, a mySAP All-in-One solution assures continuous business improvement. Taken together, the partner-based mySAP All-in-One program covers the entire customer engagement process from marketing, sales, and implementation to continuous development of a customer’s solution to meet evolving needs. So everyone wins. Due to its specific advantages mySAP All-in-One brings fast ROI for the customer. Fast ROI for the customer means fast ROI for the partner as well.