Monitoring Business, Managing Growth

Wheelchair-maker Alu Rehab Poland Sp. z o.o., based in Rzgów, has been in the Polish market for five years. The parent company, Alu Rehab in Norway, was established 15 years ago and maintains subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, and China. Alu Rehab Poland markets its products in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan through some 150 distributors.
The company’s product line includes basic wheelchairs, wheelchairs for working people, and ergonomic comfort wheelchairs. Alu Rehab leads the market in sales of comfortable wheel chairs worldwide and ranks second among local manufacturers in annual sales of wheelchairs in Poland. A small outfit, it currently employs about 30 people. However, when its new plant opens in Ozorków, the number of employees should increase to between 150 and 200, turning it into a midsize company.

IT Supports Expension

Alu Rehab Poland needed a new IT system to support the needs of its expansion: real-time access to data, external reporting, efficient receivables and payables management, liquidity analysis, and customer care optimization. It was looking for a system that would enable it to monitor all its business activities. SAP Business One was the company’s choice.
In August 2002, SAP Business One went into production at Alu Rehab with the help of SAP implementation partner Yuma, based in Wroc³aw. Yuma helped integrate SAP Business One with the company’s existing materials resource planning (MRP) and human resources solutions. Following the implementation, Yuma offered continued support to users to ensure resolution of any problems. According to S³awomir Nowakowski, managing director at Alu Rehab Poland, working with Yuma was a highly positive experience.
The company saw the benefits of SAP Business One early on. “We achieved great order in our company”, says Nowakowski. “We can monitor the financial and stock situation in the warehouse. This means that we can save time and eliminate transport problems and redundant expenses. It also enables us to effectively manage purchasing processes and regulate material flow – all of which translates into cost reductions.”
“The system helps expedite everyday tasks and optimize company management. We are sure that we will achieve a fast return on investment with this system.” And, he adds, SAP Business One has helped strengthen the company’s image. Currently, some ten Alu Rehab Poland employees use SAP Business One.

Next up – Mobile Devices

Besides plans for further expansion, the company wants to introduce mobile devices to its workforce. With this state-of-the art technology, warehouse employees can easily monitor stock and sales representatives can issue invoices while working in the field. Alu Rehab also wants to investigate placing purchase orders over the Internet.