SAP Business One Keeps Kisch Refrigeration Cool Under Pressure

Good customer relationships must be established from the first contact with a potential client – especially when the potential customer might be ready to spend millions of dollars on mission-critical products and services. “Daily contact with customers is a critical task for any company, and it’s even more important with a customer with whom you haven’t had a formal relationship”, says Hani Harari, controller of the Kisch Refrigeration Group of Or Akiva, Israel, founded in 1936.
From its core business of residential and commercial air conditioning, Kisch has expanded to distributing parts for vehicle air conditioners, importing raw materials for truck trailers, and producing roof units for minibuses. Kisch and its subsidiaries employ 100 people and generate annual revenues exceeding $10 million.

Stressing Customer Support

Harari emphasizes the importance of personally instilling confidence in clients and then providing follow-up support and fast response. He studied a number of systems to replace the original Israeli IT offering at Kisch, which was still serviceable but having difficulty handling the increased number of transactions.
“We wanted to emphasize customer relationship management in general, but with specific focus on better response and follow-up in telemarketing”, Harari says. “It was here that SAP Business One made a significant contribution.”
Kisch was also looking for software that would meet its needs in bookkeeping, finance, and inventory, and help develop the production aspect of work orders. Harari saw that SAP Business One would give Kisch the tools to manage its growth in volume and product offerings and to provide top-quality customer service – from the first contact.

Smooth Migration

Kisch began implementation in January 2002, working with SAP Business Partner E-Top. The smooth migration from the legacy software assured Harari that he had made the right decision. As he recalls, “SAP Business One easily beat the competition when it came to price, and it operates seamlessly in a Windows environment with advanced technology.” In just 10 weeks, the system was up and running, including integration.
Because SAP Business One works under open standards, Kisch could integrate data from the company’s various areas – such as bookkeeping, CRM, and sales and marketing – into one system. SAP Business One also helped sales and marketing personnel manage open transactions and access previous charges. Overall, SAP Business One gave Kisch’s management tighter control over expenses and a better picture of revenues and general operations.
“SAP Business One exceeded our expectations, and we are confident that we will recoup our investment very quickly”, Harari says. “It has proved itself for our firm, and it will serve us well as we execute each stage of our long-term plans.”