Tested in-house for customers

The whole process was super-fast. The German-Swiss version of SAP Business One has been available since the end of 2002. Just shortly after it had been introduced, the first customer was already using this business solution, which has been tuned to the special needs of smaller, sales-focused companies. BurBit introduced the SAP software package between Christmas and New Year. It incorporates bookkeeping, sales, purchases, controlling, reporting and Customer Relationship Management. The solution went live on January 1, 2003.

Fast and seamless introduction

“Although the software was new to me, the installation was absolutely seamless,” states CEO Markus Burch. A single day was all he needed for the introduction, which he performed himself in conjunction with SAP Channel Partner Data Unit. A further three days were needed to adapt the software to the company’s specific needs.
Software engineer Markus Burch has been working with ERP solutions for quite some time. He and his team have many years’ experience of programming and adapting stand-alone solutions. He had been looking for an advanced corporate software package for his own company for some time. The whole purpose of introducing the solution was to considerably increase the company’s efficiency in contact management. The introductory period should also be as brief as possible in order to maximize the return on investment. Costs and ease of use were also important factors in the evaluation process.
“Standardized business management solutions are becoming increasingly interesting for SMBs”, explains Markus Burch. “SAP Business One has been developed by an established vendor with the specific needs of SMBs in mind and seemed to meet our needs in every respect. We therefore decided to introduce SAP Business One and test it for ourselves in-house.” Following the successful completion of this in-house test, BurBit is now offering SAP Business One to its own customers.

Contact management as a basis for analyses

“In small IT companies in particular, much information about customers, their needs, and the solutions and products used are tied in with individual members of staff”, states Markus Burch. The contact management features of SAP Business One reduce this dependency. SAP Business One provides BurBit with a database for detailed analyses, customer-specific reports and realistic sales forecasts.
When it comes to the standard functions supported by the business software, Markus Burch knows he can rely completely on SAP’s expertise. However, he also performs various customized adaptations himself. In order to ensure that his investment remains secure in the future, it’s vital for him that SAP Business One can be integrated easily and at any time into the mySAP Business Suite world.
Taking into the account the speed with which SAP Business One can be introduced and the fact that costs for hardware and software can be costed easily, SAP Business One is the ideal solution for both BurBit itself and its customers.