SAP Schweiz AG Certifies PHARMAsprint

Extensive documentation needs and international directives mean that the pharmaceuticals industry is looking for fully integrated solutions that satisfy the full array of business management criteria and strict legal requirements. According to SLI Consulting, PHARMAsprint covers the industry-specific processes as laid down in the provisions of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and GxP directives (Good Manufacturing Practice/Good Laboratory Practice). The application was originally developed specifically for small and midsize business in the pharmaceuticals industry by Ettlingen-based command AG.
PHARMAsprint is the perfect solution for implementing the demanding requirements facing the pharmaceuticals industry, such as batch tracing and validation. It offers a whole range of industry specifics and features an integrated Quality and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), scales and scanner. According to the Swiss consultancy firm, the documents required by law for validation purposes are drawn up as early as the software rollout phase. Furthermore, SLI Consulting AG has adapted the solution to the specifics of Switzerland (e.g. special accounting procedures for small and midsize business in Switzerland).

Well integrated

In terms of quality management, industry-specific presettings facilitate the business processes. A stored analysis certificate, for example, can be printed out automatically and enclosed with the product. Add-on functions such as the integration of laboratory instruments, measuring and weighing systems from e.g. Mettler Toledo, or online shop linkups were also attached particular importance in the certification process.
“PHARMAsprint integrates all divisions such as Sales, Planning, Purchases, Stores, Production, Quality Assurance, Accounting and Controlling and takes into account the necessary industry specifics”, explains Thomas Göbel, Head of the Process Industry Business Unit of SLI Consulting. “Since it is also tailored specifically to small and midsize business in Switzerland, it can be deployed cost-effectively and efficiently. The solution is also scalable and can grow as the company grows,” he adds.
SLI Consulting has been selling the preset and freely scalable mySAP All-in-One industry solution PHARMAsprint from SAP system house command ag since early 2002. It also has two further mySAP All-in-One industry solutions from the Ettlingen company in its portfolio, namely FOODsprint and TRADEsprint. SCI Consulting attaches particular importance to providing customers with continued support after the solution goes live. The SLI Support Center provides round the clock support and is responsible for ongoing process optimization, release changes and technical upgrades. No special system requirements in terms of hardware, databases or operating systems are needed for the solution, which takes around three months to implement. According to SLI, PHARMAsprint is available at all-in prices (including hardware, software licenses and services) starting from CHF 250,000.

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