Take Control of Production with BEAS and SAP Business One

The BEAS system handles quotation and order processing in small and midsize manufacturing companies. According to software manufacturer and SAP business partner Weber Datentechnik, the add-on production and cost accounting modules, based on SAP Business One business management standards, are intended to provide flexibility and cost transparency and ensure that deadlines are met.
The modules handle tasks including production order management, preliminary and actual costing, capacity planning, and materials management. Weber Datentechnik places a particular focus on cost accounting and cost estimation. “Our process costing and cost accounting functions provide some important tools for managing a manufacturing business,” says Jochen Clemens, managing director of Weber Datentechnik.
The costing includes both full and marginal costing and shows key contribution margin indicators (contribution margin as a percentage of net revenue, contribution margin per hour, etc.). The cost accounting module is augmented by functionality for calculating an hourly rate for full and marginal costs for each machine or workstation, providing an excellent basis for preliminary and actual costing.

Geared to SAP Business One

Weber Datentechnik has geared the user guidance functions in the BEAS modules to SAP Business One: The product structure is displayed at all stages – key data, production job, preliminary and actual costing. The user does not need to change the program to add operations and parts-list entries (modules and components) to the structures. Additions to parts lists can be made during the design process, and material requirements are displayed immediately so that users can always access the latest data.
Weber Datentechnik has also geared its add-on modules to SAP Business One in another respect. Since the solution is an international system, BEAS offers multiple language capability. A learning mode includes foreign language terms to enable users to work with the new language version right away.
Printouts are prepared using Crystal Reports. Printouts of production orders, route cards and other analyses can be added to or modified at any point. Since the system runs on Microsoft’s SQL 2000 database, users in the order entry, production, controlling, and purchasing departments have constant access to all the data in the system. According to Clemens, this feature is much appreciated by users for producing printed quotes, order confirmation sheets, and production documentation.
SAP Business One and the add-on BEAS modules provide an integrated, complete system which takes 6-15 days to implement, which, as Clemens explains, goes down very well with users. Depending on the complexity of the modules that the customer wants, BEAS costs 5,000-16,000 Euro.

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