Transparency Is Key

Non-profit organizations and charitable associations such as the Maltese Cross Relief Service, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action), SOS-Kinderdorf and Zieglersche Anstalten find themselves in competition for potential donors, members and contributors of funds and resources. “Processes such as member organization, member management, receipts for donations made, marketing campaigns and mailshots to donors involve numerous procedures. If these are to be effective, as many processes as possible must be automated”, states Dieter Wenz, Head of Sales at GSOAG Systemhaus GmbH, explaining the requirements that MFplus must satisfy.
The professional mySAP All-in-One solution enables employees of organizations in different service sectors, functions and hierarchies to access all relevant data in a shared information system and to do so with ease. For this purpose, the mySAP All-in-One solution from GSOAG provides all existing data in a standardized database. It is also open for seamless integration of future work areas and functions. According to the IT system house, the high degree of standardization makes the solution quick to deploy, cost-effective, scaleable and future-proof.
The solution can also grow with the organization, e.g. when new organizational sectors are implemented and set up. “The advantage vis-à-vis in-house developments is obvious”, says Derek Lünz, Product Manager of GSOAG Systemhaus GmbH, “since MFplus as standard software is undergoing continuous development”. Statutory changes, such as the Euro changeover or prescribed adaptations to receipt forms, can be supported or can be performed fully automatically”. According to the manufacturer, MFplus is targeted at charitable organizations, societies, clubs, political parties, professional and other associations, guilds and employment accident insurance funds.

Complete documentation

Organizations today require complete documentation of member and donor profiles compiled into a non-redundant and consistent database. “One key element of this is a documented history of members and donors complete with all information relating to the actions of the organization in question and the reactions of the members and donors”, explains Dieter Wenz. What’s more, he adds, all data must be kept up-to-date and support analysis in order to provide useful information, e.g. for initiating targeted marketing campaigns and providing customized support for members and donors.
GSOAG Systemhaus GmbH has grouped together the individual functions of the solution into four key areas, namely master data, marketing, payments and analyses. As regards master data, the data of individual members is classified according to certain criteria, e.g. active or passive member, or by preferences and interests. It is also possible to establish personal or business relationships between the individual persons, e.g. “married to” or “employed at” and to map these with MFplus. mySAP All-in-One MFplus manages and controls the numerous contacts and interactions between non-profit organizations and their members or donors in the marketing sector. According to the manufacturer, members of clubs, associations and charitable organizations can manage and structure extensive contact histories. “In addition”, states Wenz, “the solution uses automated procedures such as automated mailing of donation receipts or campaign management to actively support the business processes of societies, associations and charitable organizations”.

Transparent payments

With regards to payments, both incoming and outgoing payments can be recorded, cancelled or reposted. Input can be both manual and (for payment files) automatic. According to GSOAG, standardized analysis and reporting tools render member movements transparent and/or document the donation history of individual persons. The Database Analyzer is able, at the push of a button, to deliver predefined analyses, organization-specific analyses, reports and lists in a layout suitable for presentations (lists, graphics, drilldowns).
The SAP Business Partner states that mySAP All-in-One MFplus is an SAP-based add-on product, which in principle does not require any additional hardware. It can therefore be loaded onto and run on the same data servers as standard SAP modules (FI/CO/MM/SD etc.). From the concept phase to going live, the system can be introduced within 15-20 man-days at smaller organizations such as welfare and social associations. “We want the MFplus costs to be as transparent as possible,” concludes Dieter Wenz, “that’s why we have licensed the solution based on system users. A full-user license currently costs Euro 2,700.”

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Dr. Andreas Schaffry
Dr. Andreas Schaffry