Alliances with Key Companies in Puerto Rico

SAP Andina y del Caribe introduced its SAP Business One solution, an enterprise management solution designed to meet Puerto Rico’s Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) specific needs. In order to distribute and market SAP Business One within Puerto Rican territories, SAP has entered into strategic alliances with several prestigious local companies which have specific knowledge of the industry and of this market sector. The first companies to partner with SAP for the selling of this offering within the island are Quantum BE, PR Computer, The SPS Group, and Computer Paradise.
In regards to the benefits arising from the use of the new SAP Business One solution, Mr. Ignacio Domaica, General Manager at SAP Andina y del Caribe, explained that it provides an extended enterprise functionality and allows for full control on the information and processes of small and medium businesses. “Therefore, we are truly convinced that this is the perfect solution for the sector, since it offers exactly what SMBs need; that is, software widely used and proved around the world, featuring a functionality that has been adapted to SMBs specific needs, at a price that matches their available financial resources. And, what is even better, the platform grows at the same pace the company evolves.”
Meanwhile, Mr. Gonzalo Nuñez, General Manager of SAP for the Caribbean region, added that “SAP Business One is a unique enterprise management solution, since it is cost-effective and demands low levels of investment in hardware, consulting and training. Furthermore, it is delivered as part of an easy-to-use package, featuring out-of-the-box functionality and, in some cases, may go live within a week.”

Lower costs, more profitability

Among the features offered by SAP Business One, some stand out from the rest: intelligent data navigation, powerful analytical tools, online alerts, financial management in different currencies, and full integration with other applications. SAP Business One generates benefits for SMBs, since it increases productivity, supports better and faster decision-making, raises operations efficiency to achieve further cost control, generates new sales opportunities (which, in turn, increase company revenues), and allows for higher adaptation capacity through the matching of the solution to the changing needs of SMBs.
“Right from its beginnings, SAP Business One demonstrated its powerful offering, which was quickly embraced by different companies worldwide, by achieving record deployment times and extremely fast end-user learning processes. These indicators support our statement that companies from this sector have considered it important to access SAP expertise in business solutions through an offering that has been tailored for their unique needs,” said Mr. Miguel Maldonado, Business Development Manager for
SAP Business One in Latin America.
Since its launch, in the third quarter of 2002, the SAP Business One platform has been delivered and rolled-out in Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Poland, Singapore, and the United States of America, and it is currently distributed by more than 140 partners worldwide. Furthermore, it is expected that by year-end, the solution may have been launched in other twenty-two new markets, including Canada, China, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and, of course, Puerto Rico .SAP will continue its territorial expansion for the SAP Business One solutions during the year 2004, projecting to offer such solutions in five to ten more countries, among which Mexico and Russia are included.

SAP’s success in the SMB sector

The momentum gained by the solutions portfolio targeting the SMB market validates SAP’s approach on this sector, based on the provision of solutions that combine cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and quick ROI, as well as the ability to adapt to future growth and to achieve long-term business goals. Offered via selected distribution partnerships, the SAP solutions portfolio for small and medium businesses leverages more than three decades of expertise in the provision of enterprise management solutions to vertical industries belonging to various geographical markets around the world.
“Wide adoption of SAP’s solutions for SMBs, as witnessed while expanding our solution offerings catalogue and entering into new markets and geographies across the planet, is in itself an important indicator of the effectiveness of our approach to the market and of our ability to accurately match the ever changing needs of today’s small and medium businesses,” stated Fernando De Allende, V.P., SAP Strategic Initiatives for Latin America. “We can state, with full certainty, that the really important issue for SMBs from all over the world is to combine a robust technology, continuous scalability, and the ability to generate low TCO (total costs of ownership), something that SAP and its partners are ready to offer.” More than 1,400 organizations worldwide are already using SAP Business One, in order to manage and sustain growth. On a global level, SAP has partnered with leading corporations from the IT (Information Technology) sector – both local and international – , which complement SAP offerings with competitive hardware products, consulting services, and financing schemes that allow for the integration of the most comprehensive and valuable offering for the small and medium business sector.