FIStec-Engineer Ensures Fast Startup

“New software systems should be rolled out as quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively as possible, without the company and personnel being disrupted any more than is absolutely necessary”, states Karl-Friedrich Schmidt, CEO of the SAP system house in Saarbrücken, explaining the fundamental concept behind the SAP-qualified mySAP All-in-One solution. According to the manufacturer, FIStec-Engineer has been developed to significantly reduce the level of work and costs involved in a conventional rollout process.

Making easy work of getting started

“The rollout procedure is geared to SMBs and their typical circumstances, for example thin personnel cover, fewer funds and their high flexibility and commitment to innovation,” he adds. FIStec-Engineer provides an effortless startup solution, even for users who are relatively inexperienced in working with data processing systems. FIStec states that the software has been developed not just for specialists. It is also designed to relieve the daily workload on all members of the workforce.
The system has therefore been preconfigured in collaboration with user companies, so as to ensure that users quickly come to grips with the application. The user interface has been simplified and adapted to the user’s needs. User-friendly manuals are also available for all functions. The customer base of FIStec AG, which specializes in SAP solutions for SMBs, includes Heidelberger Hebetechnik, eyelet and riveting machine manufacturer Pfeil and meter manufacturer Landis+Gyr.

A variety of variations available

FIStec-Engineer is available in different variations targeted at one-off, project, series and variation manufacturers as well as hybrid forms of different manufacturing types. The standard version, which is intended as an entry-level or standard package for smaller companies, contains all functions that are typical for the industry in the fields of financial accounting, controlling, investment accounting, purchases, materials management, sales and production. The FIStec-Engineer Advanced version also includes additional functions relating to project management and machine capacity planning and, according to the SAP system house, is ideal as a template for larger enterprises. One feature common to the variants is that they all output relevant key corporate or production parameters in near real-time. This ensures that management receives important information at the push of a button and can quickly remedy any problems that occur.
The solution does not derive its industry-specific features from additional programming. Instead, this approved SAP solution draws upon the industry-typical and country-specific settings of the standard system. According to FIStec this also ensures unlimited releases. “By way of example, we have joined forces with the PTD Division (Power Transmission and Distribution) of Siemens AG to develop a special version of the FIStec-Engineer known as SISCOS which will be used by subsidiaries of the Siemens Group.“ adds Schmidt. The application, he explains, covers sales, production planning and processing, materials management, financial accounting, controlling and customer services. Commercial, technical and customer service processes that are typical for a manufacturing facility have already been preconfigured in the system.
“The preconfigured processes mean that users can start working with familiar procedures from the outset and accelerate the whole training process by drawing on examples taken from actual practice”, says the FIStec CEO, explaining the benefits of the solution. This “dramatically” reduces the time required for adapting the solution to the company’s specific needs, adds Schmidt. Contrasted with a “classical” solution, he explains, it not only reduces the costs quite significantly, but also frees up project time for introducing changes to the company.

Complete portfolio

According to the manufacturer, FIStec-Engineer is available as a complete package. This package includes the necessary hardware (e.g. Linux- or Windows 2000-based server), free choice of database (e.g. free SAP-DB), and all licenses and services required for the rollout. The rollout time can vary between four and twelve weeks. The time required for the introduction depends in the main on the extent to which the processes preset in the system need to be adapted to the specific circumstances in the user’s company.
The Saarbrücken software house can supply the mySAP All-in-One solution in various price models. These depend on the operator mode selected (installation at the customer’s or ASP operation in the data center). This enables users to select the most favorable model for them depending on the personnel they wish to use for operating the solution and on their IT know-how. According to FIStec, the solution can be used in ASP mode for Euro 345 per user per month. A complete package – configured for 25 users – costs Euro 100,000 and includes hardware, all required licenses and services.

Dr. Andreas Schaffry
Dr. Andreas Schaffry