Excellent Start For Pressure Gage Manufacturer

KHW is an abbreviation of the German words for components, manufacturing and processing. It is also the initials of a young entrepreneur called Karl-Heinz Weinzierl. He took full advantage of the opportunity to own his own business when his employer decided to spin off part of his pressure gage production operations. This former head of job preparation and IT manager in Plattenhardt/Filderstadt now produces pressure gages (manometers) for companies including his former employer at his own production plant. Weinzierl, who employs four permanent members of staff and two part-time employees, is already forecasting sales of around Euro 500,000 in his first year of business and is looking to continually expand the company’s operations, including cooperation with partner companies.
For Karl-Heinz Weinzierl one thing is sure, “You can’t achieve high levels of productivity or manage a company well without state-of-the-art, high-performance ERP software.” It was therefore important from the outset to install a powerful information management system that fully supported integrated business processes.

I knew exactly what I wanted

Weinzierl thus began looking at Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software well before the company’s launch. He explains, “I had a fair idea of what I wanted, which business processes our new all-in-one application system had to support and also what the cost framework should be.”
The KHW boss saw an advert for SAP Business One when he was looking for suitable software in December last year. Things progressed very fast after that. A SAP Business Partner proposed a complete solution during a presentation on January 3, 2003. The add-on solution “be.as” for manufacturing companies by Weber Datentechnik based in Pforzheim was also seamlessly integrated into this solution. Weber Datentechnik has decades of experience working with SMBs for whom they have realized countless IT projects.

Presented then installed

“The ease of use, the range of services and last but not least SAP’s role as the leading ERP software provider all convinced me of the benefits of SAP Business One, so that 14 days later I signed the contract,” explains Weinzierl.
The software had to go live on February 7, leaving only 14 days for its introduction. As KHW’s requirements had already been noted at the presentation and matched to the functions in the SAP Business One solution, all that remained to do was configure the solution according to the company’s needs. The SAP Business Partners then installed the software on a Maxdata server for the four employees and provided them with training. The project was carried out at a fixed price.

End-to-end and efficient business processes

“The SAP Business One solution guarantees us high levels of efficiency. It is also a reliable compass that shows us where we are, i.e. which areas are the most profitable and what we have to do to optimize our business operations,” says Weinzierl. For instance, SAP Business One enables profit and loss accounts to be called up at the click of a mouse. The software also fully supports the company’s business processes. After a customer order is entered, the production order is produced along with materials planning operations, parts lists, work papers, production dates and delivery notes. What’s more the system also posts the orders, manages orders of materials, determines stock levels and inventory values and controls and monitors the production process. More than 400 orders were realized with SAP Business One by the end of March 2003, equating to around 10,000 finished pressure gages.