Good Accounting with ORGA HR one

Buying their own personnel management solution is often not profitable for SMBs up to 100 employees. “What’s more, legal requirements for payroll accounting are also becoming more and more complex,” says Siegfried Metzger, Sales Manager at SAP Business Partner ORGA. “That is why we developed ORGA HR one, a full-service solution for personnel management that builds on the open, integrable and user-friendly business management system SAP Business One,” he explains. According to the Karlsruhe-based SAP system house, the system is tailored to SMBs and service providers that undertake payroll accounting tasks for small companies with only a few employees.

Accounting made easy

ORGA HR one is a solution for mapping and implementing HR management processes, particularly managing and processing HR master data and payroll accounting, based on a two-tiered SAP system landscape. The results from payroll accounting can be made available to SAP Business One via an interface using ORGA HR one. Further processing of payroll data can now be carried out as part of financial accounting processes thus enabling seamless cooperation between ORGA HR one and SAP Business One.
The ORGA HR one solution is based on mySAP HR Release 4.7 and is available in various functional levels. The first level can be used to manage HR master data and employee-specific attendance/absence data, perform payroll accounting processes and all necessary follow-up activities and create various reports and analyses of available employee data. Organizational management, travel expense accounting and document management for handling digital HR management documents (digital personnel files) are integrated in the short- to medium-term in line with market requirements. The functions in the ORGA HR one solution can be extended successively to include additional mySAP HR functions (e.g. personnel cost planning). Useful add-ons such as an application for transporting HR master data and payroll accounting data are also available.
Getting started with ORGA HR one is extremely simple. The only requirement is a PC with Internet access or an ISDN connection. To make the ORGA HR one solution ready for use, a questionnaire ascertains in advance the relevant data such as contacts, addresses, health insurance funds, plant numbers, tax numbers and cost centers required etc. According to ORGA, data collection is simple and self-explanatory so that no further consultancy services are generally required. Those interested can currently request the questionnaire by e-mail and in future it will also be possible online. The results of the data collection are then passed on to an HR consultant from ORGA, who makes the ORGA HR one system together with registration information available to the customer as soon as possible. Documents are either printed out at a data center or alternatively at the company’s offices.

Full service in demand

“When developing ORGA HR one we not only ensured seamless data exchange with SAP Business One, we also sought to offer the customer an all-round package of services for payroll and HR accounting,” says Siegfried Metzger. In collaboration with HR service partners, service provider ORGA is responsible for employee management and accounting and pays due consideration to legal, employment and salary regulations. This includes, among other things, the necessary certification, registration/deregistration with social insurance carriers, income tax returns and income tax deduction certificates. Payroll accounting procedures can be retraced step by step and include HR administration, time and travel management data.
According to Metzger, the service package also includes various consultancy services such as customizing, which range from adapting the ORGA HR one reference sample and company-specific features as per the HR questionnaire through to producing transaction data. Training for subsequent users is provided by ORGA by means of handouts, on-site consultants or user seminars at the Karlsruhe headquarter.
Due to the complex nature of HR management processes and the resulting demands placed on payroll accounting systems, ORGA believes the benefits of the ASP model are evident for all to see. System and application support specialists are not necessary for SMBs since the system maintenance is carried out by the outsourcer with the monthly costs always manageable and transparent. An expert hotline service also supports HR management processes for SMBs. Metzger concludes by saying, “payroll accounting doesn’t get any simpler than this.”

Dr. Andreas Schaffry
Dr. Andreas Schaffry