Kick-starting with HR Starter

The public sector comprises town and district councils, federal and state ministries, universities, hospitals, health insurance funds, public utilities, public transport and even regional banks and data centers for public administration. These bodies all have their own specific pay scales from manual workers right through to high-ranking officials. Added to this are the different accounting procedures used. “The requirements placed on personnel management software are therefore extremely high, especially since budgets are often overstretched in many local authorities and public bodies,” says Jürgen Schulz, Managing Director of Oldenburg-based SAP Business Partner “inside Unternehmensberatung”.

Preconfigured solutions

“We set ourselves this challenge and developed HR Starter as a pre-defined customer solution that is a complete payroll accounting system based on mySAP HR (Human Resources),” he continues. The consulting company describes the qualified mySAP All-in-One solution “HR Starter” as a pre-defined HR management and accounting solution that completely defines all typical accounting forms including all pay scales specific to the public sector. inside explains that the introduction of the solution takes place based on a pre-defined mySAP HR system that is integrated into existing SAP infrastructures and customized during the project. “We are targeting this HR application package at all bodies in the public sector no matter what their size,” says inside Managing Director Jürgen Schulz, explaining the target group for the mySAP All-in-One solution.
Customizing the solution for customers is made as fast and cost-effective as possible by the fact that more than 1400 of the 1700 necessary operations such as diverse basic rate wage types, variable wage types, personal remuneration and/or deductions, family, location and social supplements, part-time working before retirement, bonus calculations and one-off payments have already been processed. Business consultants inside can also customize some 90 activities for customers. There are a further 130 steps for tasks that must be dealt with by the customer, including company data (company name, address, bank details), organizational data (cost centers) and accounting-specific data (health insurance funds, employment accident insurance funds). The solution can also be connected to an existing SAP system and to applications developed for small and midsize local authorities through cooperation with SAP and SAP partner All for One Systemhaus.

Scalability lowers costs

inside emphasizes that fast and efficient implementation of the software solution for personnel management has important benefits for the public sector with its specific pay scales. The outlay for introducing the software’s core function “payroll accounting” must be as cost-effective as possible so as to achieve the highest quality and greatest flexibility with a small budget. This leaves leeway for strategically more important personnel management activities such as HR appointment and development.
According to inside, the HR industry solution can be expanded at any time to include all other mySAP HR components, e.g. for time management, HR appointment and development, travel expense management and personnel cost planning or workflow and ESS/MSS scenarios. Jürgen Schulz believes the solution’s flexible scalability is a distinct advantage for users. The customer can begin with a “small solution” and expand it to cover strategic HR tasks as and when required, since no special system requirements are needed.
The solution is now available at a fixed price of Euro 27,000, including 3 days training and twelve days support during introduction. inside is also offering hr-asap, a pre-defined solution based on SAP HR that operates in ASP mode. Mr. Schulz highlights exactly how cost-effective the solution is – introducing HR Starter could mean potential savings of between 30 and 80 percent compared with traditional project models, depending on the scope and duration of the project. “These savings mean we score a lot of points with our customers,” he remarks happily.

Dr. Andreas Schaffry
Dr. Andreas Schaffry