A High-Protein Diet for SMBs

HHP is a high-growth manufacturer of portable imaging devices for processes such as inventory control and credit card purchases. Until recently, the HHP sales force and its engineering department conducted business largely on paper. “We had information floating around our system in different forms, but as we grew that wasn’t good enough,” notes Joe Hennigan, CFO of HHP.
HHP turned to Osprey, a SAP Services and Business Partner and provider of Quickstart, a qualified mySAP All-in-One solution. Osprey implemented its Quickstart solution, based on mySAP Enterprise Resource Planning (mySAP ERP), along with mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM). Now, HHP works with integrated data across its departments and exchanges information with customers over the Internet. The Osprey solution fit HHP’s initial needs and is also scalable for future growth.
Similarly, in 1998, Southern Pump, a leader in petroleum and industrial equipment distribution, was still operating on paper, and keeping up with service calls was becoming a nightmare. To standardize business processes and improve customer relations, Osprey implemented mySAP ERP and then Web-enabled the solution. Now, service management is Southern Pump’s fastest growing division, with inventory down 28 percent, time to billing cut drastically, and average gross margins on the increase.
Crestron Electronics, the world’s premier provider of advanced control systems and automation solutions for corporate conferencing, videoconferencing, and distance learning centers, is another Quickstart customer. When Crestron needed to reduce inventory, optimize production, and improve customer service, Osprey’s mySAP All-in-One solution provided a rapid and efficient transition from disparate legacy systems. “Companies our size do not have the luxury of long, complicated implementations that require armies of consultants or internal staff,” commented Dan Feldstein, Crestron Electronics’ director of operations. “Quickstart, combined with the mySAP ERP solution, offers a majority of the functionality we need right out of the box.”
HHP, Crestron Electronics, and Southern Pump are not Fortune 500 companies yet, but they knew that ERP had helped the Big Boys manage business processes and maintain competitive advantage. But could they afford it? Yes, fortunately, because of how Osprey and other SAP business partners in the small and midsize business (SMB) market use their experience to deliver a “lean ERP” solution.

Going lean

Lean ERP is a tight, muscular approach to providing exactly– and only – what smaller companies need to create an integrated IT infrastructure. Today, almost 60 percent of SAP worldwide installations involve SMBs with revenues under $500M. SAP chose Osprey and its lean ERP Quickstart solutions to make SAP cost effective and easy to implement for SMBs in discrete manufacturing. Osprey Quickstart solutions for microelectronics and electronics companies are now offered as mySAP All-in-One qualified solutions .
“Our charter, as a division of NIIT Technologies, is to be a thought leader on SAP for our organization,” explains Tom Wilson, president and COO of Osprey. “We’ve leveraged thousands of man years of SAP experience to build a mid-market solution that provides a solid foundation for high-growth discrete manufacturers.”
Simply downsizing massive ERP solutions isn’t “the solution” for smaller businesses, especially in vertical industries. An ERP hatchet job leaves these companies with too many useless bells and whistles and too few of the practical specifics necessary for their industries. Mid-market businesses require an ERP solution that’s both economical and tailored to their needs. In other words, it has to be lean and mean.
How does this work out in practice? As host of the SAP-sponsored webinar, “Lean ERP for Mid-Market Discrete Manufacturers,” Osprey will give the particulars on Wednesday, January 14, at 2 p.m. ET. “We invite mid-market firms to the jointly sponsored SAP and Osprey webinar to learn more about how they too can deploy a cost-effective solution quickly that helps an organization scale with its growth plans,” says Wilson.
Here are a few of the points Osprey will expand on in the webinar: Growing companies move fastest when they adopt best ERP practices found in well-run larger companies, but tailored to their own needs. They can then make good decisions quickly, based on the quality information that ERP systems gather. And with this solid information in hand, they can take calculated risks. They also know the lifetime value of their customers and focus on the most profitable or “growable” ones, because they have integrated, accurate customer knowledge.
ERP, then, is a business project, not just an IT project. It demands committed departmental involvement, active executive sponsorship, and a focus on change management and training.

The Osprey success record

Why should you listen to Osprey’s opinions? Because they know what they’re doing. Osprey – which became a part of NIIT, a global IT solutions corporation, in 2002 – has been developing and implementing ERP solutions with SAP since 1995 in the manufacturing and distribution industries, as well as providing hosting, training, and customer-support solutions. Osprey was recognized by SAP as Vertical Solution Reseller of the Year in 2002, based on its successes with its mySAP All-in-One-based Quickstart solutions for electronics and microelectronics.
These fixed-fee, fixed-timeline solutions offer preconfigured, out-of-the box functionality to take a company live in as little as eight weeks for a price as low as $350,000. As Wilson notes, “These high-growth firms simply cannot afford to implement a less functional solution and then replace it in a year or two. We provide an affordable, low-risk solution to support their business now and ten years from now.”
The Quickstart solutions address complex issues facing discrete companies today, such as managing and improving yields, capturing key customer specifications, visibility into financial and operational metrics and product margins, and support for multiple manufacturing strategies. For the particulars on the Osprey Quickstart solutions, visit www.sap.com/solutions/smb/allinone/prepackagedsolutions. For more information on Osprey, visit www.ospreyus.com.

Signing up

Osprey is a solution provider worth listening to. To register for the Osprey-hosted webinar on “Lean ERP for MidMarket Discrete Manufacturers,” Wednesday, January 14, at 2 p.m. ET, go to www.sap.com/mk/get/lean_erp.

Derek Davis
Derek Davis