At Your Service – and Yours Alone

SAP offers its global SAP Business One partners a variety of support services through the SAP Service Marketplace. Message-handling functionality provides partners with a direct communication channel to SAP. Partners can report problems with SAP Business One and seek the advice of qualified SAP Support Consultants by simply logging a message in the SAP Service Marketplace. The message process can be tracked from point of entry throughout processing until a satisfactory solution has been found. When partners have a more pressing issue or just need to talk in person to a qualified SAP Business One Support Consultant, they can pick up the phone and call the SAP Business One Partner Support Line. This service is globally available to all SAP Business One partners and offers a multilingual source of expert assistance. For critical cases outside business hours, a SAP Business One Duty Manager is on call.

Real-time information

The SAP Service Marketplace also acts as a vital information source for SAP Business One partners, providing access to a comprehensive database of SAP Notes. SAP Notes are created by SAP to inform partners and customers of standard technical procedures or provide fixes for known technical issues and software glitches. Partners also have access to a number of other support services in the SAP Service Marketplace such as convenient, self-service downloads of software upgrades or patches. And information services such as SAP TopNotes or SAP HotNews bring current, top priority issues to a partner’s attention.

With such an established support platform already in place, it makes sense for SAP Business One partners to use the message-handling functionality and services in the SAP Service Marketplace to support their own customers. The latest release of SAP Business One, SAP Business 6.5, supports a link to the SAP Service Marketplace, so that customers can log their messages to partners directly in the SAP Business One software. The current release also comes with a complimentary monitoring service – SAP EarlyWatch Alert. The SAP EarlyWatch Alert service is a preventative, automated service that partners can use to monitor the essential administrative areas of their customers’ SAP Business One components. Once a customer has activated the service, partners automatically receive regular reports on the performance and stability of their customer’s systems through the SAP Service Marketplace. In this way, partners are alerted to any potential technical issues in good time and can react quickly to prevent more critical problems and minimize any risk of downtime for their customers.
For new partners who have not yet set up a full support network for their initial SAP Business One customers, SAP offers a temporary arrangement whereby SAP delivers support free of charge to the partner’s customers for a specified period of time. In these cases, SAP supports the partners’ customers directly in their native language.

Worldly wise

Messages logged in the SAP Service Marketplace are dealt with by qualified SAP Support Consultants located at global support centers around the world in Ireland, China, and Slovakia. The Galway support base in Ireland is the sole provider of technical support to SAP Business One partners in Western Europe and North America. The current team boasts 14 different nationalities with employees speaking up to three different languages. The support centers in Shanghai, China and Bratislava, Slovakia will offer support to partners in the Asia-Pacific region and Eastern Europe as SAP Business One is launched in these areas and more and more partners come on board.
All support consultants regardless of their nationality or location have an in-depth knowledge of SAP Business One and related technical issues. Consultants are assigned exclusively to SAP Business One and receive regular training to bring them up to speed with the latest functionality and new technologies. Multilingual skills also play an important role in the quality of service SAP offers its partners. In the Galway center, for example, there is currently at least one consultant on hand to talk to partners in their own native language. Cultural nuances are observed and Galway even houses a Swiss employee to deal with partners speaking Swiss German.

Unique advantage

Apart from the obvious benefits to partners of being able to communicate in their own language, the dedicated support network for SAP Business One offers another unique advantage. Unlike typical support channels, where queries are redirected until they land on the desk of the appropriate consultant, messages logged by partners go directly to SAP Business One experts. In essence, partners have a single point of contact via the SAP Service Marketplace and the SAP Business One Partner Support Line for all their SAP Business One application and implementation questions. And they can be sure that support consultants are concentrating solely on their issues.
Partners can find further information on setting up support processes on the SMB Portal or in the SAP Service Marketplace.

Lindsay Johnson
Lindsay Johnson