City of Edmonton Selects InfoShuttle

Edmonton, the capital of the province of Alberta, is Canada’s fifth largest city and delivers municipal services to a population of 686,617 citizens. Like a number of Canada’s major cities, Edmonton utilizes SAP R/3 for a variety of municipal functions including cost accounting, general ledger, purchasing, inventory control and plant maintenance. “We expect InfoShuttle to be very helpful in our efforts to diagnose and troubleshoot user problems,” explains Tom Burn, Director of Business Systems Support for the City of Edmonton. “In order to replicate these problems, we have to manually create test scenarios, a process that is time consuming, tedious and frustrating. With InfoShuttle, we’ll be able to quickly select and move relevant data to a test system, with confidence that the appropriate SAP application components and dependent data will all be moved over for testing, “ Burn adds.
InfoShuttle’s unique ability to selectively move SAP R/3 data across environments provides a means for system support organizations to develop, test and implement SAP R/3 enhancements more quickly and cost-effectively – without jeopardizing the integrity of data on production systems. Burn also sees InfoShuttle as a big aid for the City’s specialists focusing on SAP R/3 who are working on new projects, providing an easy and quick way for them to get comprehensive, up-to-date data extracts into the development system for replicating their proof-of-concept modules.
Although the City of Edmonton represents both, the first municipal government and the first Canadian customer, for Gamma’s InfoShuttle, it is joining a growing group of InfoShuttle users around the world. Businesses like IBM, Hershey Foods, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Northrop Grumman, SC Johnson, Eli Lilly and Company, Rolls Royce and Wella are among the well-known names that have adopted InfoShuttle.
“We’re pleased to welcome City of Edmonton to the increasing number of SAP R/3 users that have discovered InfoShuttle,” said Matthew Minkovsky, President of Gamma Enterprise Technologies. With InfoShuttle, IT professionals who are upgrading SAP R/3 setting up test or training environments, debugging code changes or enhancing SAP R/3 components, can quickly select and move sample master and relational data from one SAP solution-based environment to another. InfoShuttle version 2.2A has been certified by SAP as an ABAP Add-On for SAP R/3 and runs seamlessly with SAP R/3.

Source: Gamma Enterprise Technologies, Inc.