Adoption of mySAP CRM Continues to Grow

Asia Pacific-based companies are using mySAP CRM to leverage customer and market insight to derive more value out of customer interactions. Industry leaders such as 2001 Outlet, Korea; City Developments Ltd, Singapore; and Fraser and Neave Holdings Bhd, Malaysia have chosen mySAP CRM to achieve greater operational efficiency, enhance customer service and reap fast ROI. Other key wins that SAP secured include Colgate-Palmolive Company, Malaysia; Fonterra, New Zealand; Ilshin, Korea; and Voltas, India; and Bank Islam, Malaysia. Bank Islam, a prominent Malaysian bank, has selected mySAP CRM to enable an open and integrated platform to consolidate customer information from core banking and legacy systems into a single unified view. mySAP CRM will help them to automate sales processes and manage sales force effectiveness.
“With new enhancements covering even more industry-specific business processes in a closed-loop solution, mySAP CRM is the most comprehensive CRM solution in the market today,” Hans-Peter Klaey, CEO and president, SAP Asia Pacific. “The new release of mySAP CRM has been one of our most successful solutions to date. Customers realize the solution’s ability to take their business relationships to the next level, while increasing revenue and decreasing the costs of customer acquisition and retention. With the seamless integration of CRM and other critical business processes throughout the enterprise, SAP customers have a single source for true ‘best-of-suite’ functionality from the front to back office.”

SAP Asia extends its leadership in the CRM arena

One of the most significant product launches in the company’s history, the latest release of mySAP CRM directly impacts the highest-priority business objectives within 23 unique industries, enabling more than 280 industry-tailored end-to-end processes. To date, mySAP CRM delivers solutions for industries including: Automotive; Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals; Construction & Operations; Consumer Goods; Engineering; High Tech; Industrial Machinery & Components; Leasing; Media & Entertainment; Oil & Gas; Professional Services; Public Sector; Retail; Telecommunications and Utilities.
mySAP CRM incorporates the key processes that have the most significant impact on today’s businesses. Rather than just layering front-office industry ‘add-ons’ to core capabilities, the solution delivers end-to-end processes that adapt to each industry’s environment to deliver bottom-line results. This enhanced capability allows employees across the enterprise to understand partners and consumers in more detail than ever before, allowing decision-making based on detailed analyses and improving speed of delivery, marketing effectiveness, and customer loyalty. mySAP CRM is powered by the SAP NetWeaver open technology and application platform for easy integration across SAP and non-SAP systems. This Web services-based platform reduces software integration complexities and helps customers lower total cost of ownership.

Significant cost savings

In addition to requiring minimal allocation of budget and resources, mySAP CRM has been proven to deliver fast ROI. CJ Corp., a recognized leader in the South Korean food and household industry, saw CRM as the key to maintaining its market leadership and stimulating further growth – despite posting a 100 per cent year-on-year increase in net income for 2002. According to a study conducted by the ROI Review, a publication of Peppers and Rogers Group, CJ Corp. is expected to achieve a total cost reduction of 15 percent internal rate of return (IRR) by June 2005 with mySAP CRM.
In a separate ROI Review, India’s leading converged communications solutions provider Tata Telecom created customer-focused processes with mySAP CRM, resulting in a 129 per cent IRR on its investment and CRM as a contributor to the company’s year-on-year growth rate of 25 per cent. Revenue per service employee will increase 10 per cent through fiscal year 2005 while the number of calls handled by each service employee has risen by 25 per cent. Sales productivity, as measured by revenue per employee, will grow 15 per cent through fiscal year 2005. Order-to-delivery time has been reduced – a 3 per cent improvement that allows Tata Telecom to book revenue sooner.

Source: SAP AG