Going Live with Simple-to-Use SAP Solutions

The announcement, made at National Manufacturing Week, being held Feb. 23-26 in Chicago, further demonstrates SAP’s commitment and ability to meet the complex needs of the industrial manufacturing sector with proven, easy-to-use solutions that deliver a competitive advantage. The SAP Accelerated Implementation Program leverages SAP’s 30-plus years of experience working with industrial manufacturing companies to efficiently implement solutions with the kind of robust, industry-specific functionality that customers demand. Through the program, SAP solutions can be deployed in as few as 16 weeks, in accordance with a predetermined budget and with minimal disruption to business processes. In-depth knowledge of the industry also allows SAP to offer cost-effective solutions with exactly the kind of functionality that gives industrial manufacturers a competitive advantage.
SAP is working with SAP SI America to rapidly implement an adaptive and proven ERP solution specifically dedicated to discrete manufacturing companies in the industrial machinery and components (IM&C), high tech, and suppliers to the automotive and aerospace industries. Current manufacturing customers who utilized SAP SI America’s MaxValu accelerated implementation methodology include Heidelberg Digital, NexPress Solutions LLC and Ryobi North America. Using MaxValu, NexPress, a leader in digital color production printing solutions, had a complete test system for its global operations running in only eight weeks. The full SAP ERP solution was live in just 16 weeks, integrating NexPress business processes and creating a consistent platform to improve and standardize information systems. As a result, NexPress gained complete visibility across its supply chain –from purchasing through manufacturing to distribution – while automating intercompany purchasing and eliminating redundant master data. Moreover, the solution has quickly impacted the company’s bottom line, delivering cost savings in system support, inventory and order management.
“We selected SAP and SAP SI America for two reasons,” said Robert Scheidt, operations director, NexPress. “SAP and SAP SI America were able to assure us of a high-value solution that could be deployed quickly and didn’t require a huge capital outlay. Furthermore, they demonstrated a level of financial strength and stability that we didn’t see from other vendors. The result was an efficient solution that came in on budget and supported all of our key business requirements with robust functionality.”

Cooperation reduces rollout times and costs

itelligence, an SAP Global Services Partner, is also working closely with SAP to rapidly implement solutions for manufacturing environments spanning industrial, machinery and components, high tech, automotive, aerospace and defense. Using AcceleratedSAP methodologies for mySAP All-in-One solutions, itelligence has a proven global track record successfully compressing rollout times and costs at manufacturing companies like Schumacher Elevator.
Using the AcceleratedSAP methodology, itelligence rapidly implemented mySAP Business Suite at Schumacher Elevator, a manufacturer of passenger and freight elevators. Schumacher gained competitive advantage by reducing its lead times for building specialty, made-to-order products. SAP also helped improve customer service by giving Schumacher’s customers Web access to crucial account information.
“itelligence helped us accomplish a smooth implementation in a short time frame,” said Jeff Schumacher, vice president and CFO, Schumacher. “The AcceleratedSAP methodology helped us compress the rollout time and keep costs down. This was a big issue for a company of our size. We could not have afforded a solution of this scope if we had to face a year-and-a-half or two-year implementation.”
“Today, industrial manufacturing companies are looking for ways to bolster their competitive position without huge capital outlays and disruptions to their business,” said Nils Herzberg, senior vice president, Manufacturing & Distribution, SAP. “SAP and its implementation partners have the knowledge and experience to provide quick, simple, affordable solutions with robust functionality to manufacturing companies. SAP solutions enable manufacturing companies to achieve their business objectives by becoming flexible enough to respond to changes in the marketplace.”

Source: SAP AG