One Single Platform Connecting the World

Rexam, the leading global consumer packaging company, has selected SAP as its strategic technology partner to deliver an integrated solution to support global operations, supply chain developments and collaboration with customers and suppliers across the company’s five business sectors in more than 20 countries. Rexam is basing its information management system structure on SAP NetWeaver, SAP’s open integration and application platform that drives lower cost of ownership across heterogeneous IT landscapes thereby reducing the need for custom integration.
Rexam, whose customers include Coca-Cola, Heineken, L’Oréal, Bacardi, Nestlé and many other of the world’s top consumer brands, is rolling out mySAP Business Suite to more than 100 facilities worldwide. The SAP solution will create a single standardised platform supporting Rexam’s supply chain, customer service management and business processes, driving its customer satisfaction program forward. With the capabilities of mySAP Business Suite the company will also benefit from increased global user flexibility with the roll out of a web based solution improving the flow of information throughout the organisation worldwide.
“We run global operations and need to produce world class quality products. At the same time we need to ensure a responsive and agile supply chain with as few assets as possible while delivering excellent value and service to customers locally, regionally and globally,” said Bo-Inge Stensson, Rexam’s Director of Group Supply Chain. “SAP is enabling us to be more efficient in collaborating with customers, suppliers and partners. It will help us to run our operations leaner using an infrastructure and software that rapidly integrate, share and streamline our business processes.”

All software solutions under one umbrella

The company selected mySAP Business Suite to run on the SAP NetWeaver technology platform because it provides a flexible integrated solution that helps Rexam to continue delivering excellent service and quality products to customers across the globe. By consolidating all software solutions under one umbrella, Rexam will enhance its operations, improve user experience and increase the flexibility of existing systems.
“We are delighted to be supporting Rexam globally in its endeavour to heighten its competitive advantage and empower its organisation to continue to deliver exceptional value to its customers and achieve sustainable growth and profitability,” said, Paul Eggleton, Business Development Manager, SAP UK. “Rexam is demonstrating its industry leadership by investing in technology today that will assist this leading consumer packaging company to serve global and regional customers.”

Source: SAP AG