Siemens TS Accelerates Product Development with SAP

mySAP PLM will enable the company to consolidate and manage all project and product development information – including project plans, product-related information, product structures and engineering changes – in a single system. More than 7,500 users from eight business units located around the world will use the PLM solution to support engineer-to-order and make-to-order business processes for two key business areas – rolling stock, which includes the construction of high-speed trains; and infrastructure, which includes train operational control systems. The SAP solution will enable Siemens product developers, engineers, service technicians, the purchasing department and the sales force to work together throughout the entire product life cycle in order to meet the unique requirements of each customer.
The worldwide implementation project at Siemens TS, being led by SAP Consulting, will replace four existing systems and a number of functionalities developed in-house. “After a lengthy evaluation process, where we looked at product functionality, cost and supplier performance, we selected SAP,” said Ludger Garg, CIO of Siemens TS. “Only SAP was able to deliver a solution that would enable truly collaborative engineering across all of our divisions and locations. With mySAP PLM, we expect to streamline our business processes, which will allow us to achieve significant growth, deliver more innovative products and increase our market leadership.”

Settle processes in one go

Offering engineer-to-order and make-to-order products as well as maintenance, support, and aftermarket sales and service for all products, Siemens TS is constantly faced with unique business challenges that affect engineering, logistics and sales processes. The end-to-end SAP solution will streamline the company’s key business processes from early tendering to the end of the product life cycle, providing each user with access to real-time data and helping ensure that each component is available at the right place and time. With its change and configuration management functionality, mySAP PLM provides Siemens TS with a single, comprehensive view of product data on 5,000 train components. The solution will also deliver document management functionality and computer-aided design (CAD) integration, allowing Siemens TS employees worldwide to have the same view of product-related documents and design data. The new system will help ensure that the entire organization has access to the latest product information when changes on any components are made by either the engineering or manufacturing departments.
“Our solution is providing Siemens TS employees worldwide with a common view of product and design data,” said Claus Heinrich, member of the executive board, SAP. “mySAP PLM contributes to more transparency in business processes and enables better products, faster time to market and improved customer service, and returns tangible value on technology investments.” SAP is bringing together partners and customers from diverse manufacturing and services industries at the SAP Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence 2004 European Conference, being held in Munich, Germany, February 17 – 18. The two-day program features presentations, workshops, exhibits and live product demonstrations in the areas of supply chain management, product life-cycle management and supplier relationship management.

Source: SAP AG