SAP Achieves Global Leadership in the Energy CIS Market

The new METASpectrum analyzes vendors selling mission-critical enterprise systems focused primarily on operational CRM functions, including account maintenance, order processing, product/service management, billing, credit collection, accounts receivable and collaborative customer-interaction-center functionality, to energy companies. The METASpectrum specifically recognizes SAP for its significant market share and investment in research and development of integration technologies.
CCS functionality integrates core business practices with customer interaction and service delivery, enabling customer billing, credit, tracking and collections functions and strengthening utilities with the ability to master the challenges of deregulation, increasing productivity and improving customer satisfaction. “Following deregulation, utility companies have found they must offer more customer-oriented services to deepen customer relationships and minimize customers’ readiness to switch to a competitor,” said Zarko Sumic, vice president, Energy Information Strategies, META Group. “Customers are looking for a solution offering that gives energy providers greater transparency and efficiency in their product offering, service and sales processes and the ability to improve customer service and loyalty.”

Source: SAP AG