Companies Evolve HR Strategies with SAP

Roche Diagnostics Germany, a subsidiary of Swiss-based Roche Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic systems, is using SAP E-Recruiting to increase the efficiency and reach of its recruiting processes in order to find the best-qualified specialists no matter where they are located. With its analytical features and capability to tailor recruiting processes for individual business areas, the solution will help the company put the right people in the right positions to support its leading market position. The company aims to increase the rate of applications submitted online to at least 50 percent by 2005, from a current one percent of the 32,000 applications received per year.
Operating major automotive, electronics, retail, financial services and real estate brands, the Al Futtaim trading group offers some of most sought-after jobs in the booming Middle East market, receiving more than 200,000 job applications yearly. The group has rolled out SAP E-Recruiting to power its strategic initiative to fill the 500 job vacancies at its 40 holdings each year while reducing HR costs through fully paperless processes. Recruiters at each of the group’s companies can now access a central global talent pool and easily create shortlists of the best-qualified candidates.

Reducing paper flow and recruitment processes

Having grown from a staff of eight in 1995 to 250 employees in 2003, strategic HR consultancy Pecaso needed to reduce the risk of losing candidates due to lengthy recruitment processes. The company is using SAP E-Recruiting to improve operations at its European and U.S. recruitment facilities, setting as its key objective a maximum four-day turnover in processing applications.
BASF Antwerp, a subsidiary of the global chemicals leader, is replacing its paper-based processes and database system for application management with SAP E-Recruiting. With its rollout of the SAP solution next month, the company aims to optimize external recruitment processes, reduce paper flow and promote wider use of online applications for the some 5,000 submissions it receives yearly.

Source: SAP AG