Going Live with SAP Document Capture Packaged Service Solution

Documents are scanned at a single location and their images are then forwarded to a group of accounts payable clerks for approval and posting onto the main SAP system. While the SAP documents are still created manually, the clerk will have the open image of the invoice on screen allowing for easy entry. When the document is saved, the image is then bound to it. These images can also be available to non SAP users via their web browser.
According to Ciaran Hayden, Consulting Manager, SAP Ireland “Given the increasingly pressurised financial environment, this project clearly demonstrates how we have added cost effectively to an existing solution. Vodafone Ireland’s current functionality has been maximised, streamlining operations and achieving the speediest accounts operation possible.”
In accordance with Noel Lowe, Head of Financial Systems Vodafone Ireland “It complements well what we currently have and we have already found a number of benefits including increased security, reduced paper, plus on-site storage is saved. Costs are on one system and this provides a comprehensive view and facilitates better analysis. It’s robust, has a quick response and overall we are very pleased.”

Source: SAP AG