Atos Origin Mobilizes 45,000 Field Professionals

With its mobile workforce using the SAP Mobile Time and Travel solution to directly feed data into the company’s existing ERP environment from SAP, Atos Origin will gain more efficient, paperless invoicing processes to quickly resolve customer claims and achieve faster recognition of revenue. To improve processes across its global corporate backend in parallel, the company is rolling out financials, e-procurement and supplier relationship management applications from the SAP for Professional Services portfolio. By 2005, the company’s back-office SAP footprint will span nearly 9,000 users at offices in more than 25 countries, up from the current 2,000 SAP users.
“By enhancing our solution set with SAP NetWeaver, we are changing the way we do business – closing the process loop between the global field and the back office to achieve more flexibility, enhanced business agility and higher performance,” said Eric Guilhou, CFO, Atos Origin. “The integrated mobile solution is a key enabler of our initiative to empower our consultants, allowing them to easily push essential information to headquarters as it occurs in the field – and not days or weeks thereafter in the office. Now we will know exactly how individual project phases are progressing, where we’re most profitable and, most importantly, what we can do to improve customer satisfaction.”
Like many professional services firms, Atos Origin’s consultants often work onsite at companies where they have no access to the Internet and are unable to log on to IT systems due to the sensitive nature of customers’ businesses. Using the SAP Mobile Time and Travel solution, each field consultant can enter project status and billing information immediately into his laptop while onsite. SAP NetWeaver provides the technology framework so that the mobile application can run in a disconnected mode and is geared for synchronization with the central ERP software as soon as an online connection is established. Because the mobile solution enables delivery of key performance indicators (KPIs) directly into SAP analytics applications, managers across six regional offices will gain comprehensive, real-time insight into individual project phases to make faster, more informed decisions on planning and allocating personnel resources.
Atos Origin, a global services and global hosting partner of SAP as well as a member of the SAP NetWeaver Partner Initiative, plans to deploy the integrated SAP solutions country by country this year, beginning with Germany, France and the Netherlands. Global completion of the rollout is slated for 2006. “A professional services firm’s most important capital is its human resources – the combined expertise out in the field and back at headquarters,” said Peter Kirschbauer, member of the extended management board, SAP AG. “Tightly linking these professionals through SAP NetWeaver empowers the entire enterprise to synchronize efforts and take quick action on issue management and changing customer needs at every stage of a project or client engagement. The integrated SAP solution for Atos Origin clearly demonstrates the real-world advantages of enterprise mobility.”

Source: SAP AG