Fraport AG Reduces Maintenance Costs and Increase Safety at Frankfurt Airport

The continual optimization of technical systems supporting quality, security and safety measures is a top priority, particularly as Fraport expands its already extensive infrastructure at FRA to meet future demands. Fraport’s SAP ERP installation and user community at FRA is one of the three largest among airports worldwide. Required by federal law to provide proof of facility maintenance at regular intervals, Fraport needed a reliable and stable mobile asset management solution to manage facility maintenance and chose to extend its existing investment in SAP solutions. SAP Mobile Asset Management, one of the SAP solutions for mobile business, closes the business process loop from the field to the backend system by extending the reach of SAP’s comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management solution to service engineers and technicians.
Before the mobile deployment, service engineers had to fill out lengthy forms during equipment checks, then enter the data manually into the central ERP software. Service technicians now use PDAs to access daily maintenance plans and carry out work orders. The PDAs read maintenance-relevant information from the RFID tags installed on ventilation shutters and act as clients to the ERP software for reporting and archiving. Because the PDAs can read tags only at a distance of three centimeters or less, the mobile scenario confirms that service technicians duly checked each vent on their work orders. In addition to safeguarding maintenance processes and generating reports in compliance with federal regulations, the solution helps the company maintain a complete view across the entire asset life cycle and more quickly locate reoccurring faults.

Increasing efficiency and transparency in building maintenance projects

“With the integrated mobile solution, we were able to optimally map mobile business processes into our existing SAP landscape,” said Werner Breitwieser, project manager, Fraport AG. “By shifting back-office processing to the asset maintenance site, the SAP solution delivers significant time savings while increasing transparency and safeguarding processes.”
Having successfully completed a pilot project at its Real Estate & Facility Management division, Fraport began rolling out the integrated RFID and SAP Mobile Asset Management for safety maintenance at more than 400 buildings and facilities at Frankfurt Airport in November 2003. Fraport’s mid-term goal is to map the entire maintenance system into a mobile scenario and, in the long term, to implement additional applications from SAP solutions for mobile business to help handle its service assurance activities. Fraport plans to complete its mobile deployment by the end of 2004, basing the successive installation of RFID transponders on the annual maintenance schedule for ventilation units.
“The deployment at Fraport clearly demonstrates how companies can leverage SAP’s proven business innovations to derive even more value from their existing investments in SAP solutions,” said Peter Kirschbauer, member of the extended management board, SAP AG. “SAP solutions for mobile business offer the tight integration of mobile devices and new technologies such as RFID with backend systems to help companies such as Fraport cut costs of performing mission-critical business operations, empowering them with a scalable solution that meets today’s and tomorrow’s demands.”

Source: SAP AG