MySQL and REALTECH Partner Supporting Migration of SAP Applications to MaxDB Database

Through the new partnership, REALTECH, a certified MySQL Partner, will provide customers with comprehensive consulting services for the migration of their SAP applications to MaxDB on the Linux operating system and other platforms. “The partnership with REALTECH enables us to provide SAP customers migrating to the open source MaxDB database with access to some of the most experienced SAP consultants in the world. With REALTECH’s expertise, customers can feel confident that their critical data will be migrated seamlessly, allowing them to take full advantage of MaxDB’s enterprise features and cost efficiencies,” said Patrik Backman, MaxDB product manager, MySQL AB.
MaxDB by MySQL is a re-branded and enhanced version of SAP DB, SAP AG’s open source database. MaxDB complements MySQL AB’s flagship MySQL database, targeting large mySAP ERP environments and other applications that require maximum enterprise-level database functionality, ease of use and strong operational reliability. When enterprises deploy MaxDB, they benefit from high compatibility, enabling a rapid, cost-effective changeover.
Since 1998, REALTECH has performed over 200 migrations worldwide for all leading operating systems and databases, and the company has proven expertise in open-source software. REALTECH is the only independent consulting company to be a member of the SAP LinuxLab, joining upon the organization’s foundation in 1999. REALTECH passes on its up-to-the-minute knowledge to customers, enabling enterprises to harmonize their SAP landscapes and reduce operating costs. The company’s skills have been put into practice in over 50 Linux projects.
Johannes Lang, Head of Consulting at REALTECH Germany, “This joint offering addresses a rapidly growing market for open source platforms. REALTECH consulting expects revenues from SAP migrations to Linux and other open source software to double during the current year.” MySQL AB is now offering a package for customers migrating to Linux-based SAP environments, comprising software and support by MySQL AB as well as consulting by REALTECH.
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