Premium Offering MaxAttention to Help Safeguard IT Investments

SAP’s new Change Request Management functionality is designed to enable effective management of any changes made to an SAP solution, such as add-ons and upgrades. It enables end-to-end tracking, auditing and documenting of changes – from planning to implementation and testing, to technical processes such as distribution, deployment and versioning. Through standardized and automated processes controlled by the SAP Solution Manager, Change Request Management accelerates implementation cycles and reduces implementation risks and costs.
Business and technical experts will now have change request management functionality delivered within the SAP Solution Manager at no additional fee beyond their existing mainstream maintenance to collaborate more effectively on a common platform and better recognize the impact of changes on related applications and business processes. Change Request Management supports experts in executing business process definitions and changes as well as patches and upgrades, while providing a complete, centralized and integrated overview of these changes from both a technical and business perspective simultaneously.
Extended customer shipment of Change Request Management will ensue with the next release of SAP Solution Manager, planned for Q3 2004. “Effective change request management in business processes and software is key for companies who want to remain competitive in an ever-changing world,” said Uwe Hommel, senior vice president, SAP Active Global Support. “With SAP Solution Manager, we offer our customers speed and stability at no additional maintenance fee, delivering the only change request management that reaches from project and workflow management down to the technical entities inside SAP components. And with on-site engagement teams in the SAP MaxAttention offering, we are able to go ‘the extra mile’ for customers who need expert services tailored to their needs from a partner they can trust to secure their technology investment in business success.”

Technical Quality Management for SAP Customer

SAP is expanding its service and support focus with SAP MaxAttention, the company’s premium service offering that addresses customers with exacting business demands requiring more complex technical solutions. MaxAttention extends SAP’s role beyond that of a software vendor to one of a trusted advisor, offering continuous management and expert services to help the customer increase availability and performance, reduce total cost of operations, improve data consistency and maintainability and, ultimately, tap the software’s full potential.
The service puts SAP specialists on-site in collaborative engagement with the customer for both the implementation phase and continuing operations. A technical quality manager from SAP – or several, according to the customer’s requirements – is on location full-time to safeguard the SAP implementation and provide ongoing project management during operations throughout the solution life cycle. For high-level project and strategy management issues, SAP also designates a support alliance manager, who meets with the customer’s executives on a regular basis.
The experts help define the right solution scope, assess and manage risks and ensure that the project runs on plan and on budget. After seeing through the effective transition to a productive system, the SAP experts stay onboard to measure, monitor and improve the installation’s technical stability and enable its continual evolution to address changing business demands and further reduce TCO. Customers can thus reduce the amount of effort dedicated to system maintenance and consolidation and shift resources towards improving efficiency through innovative applications.

Source: SAP AG