Providing Customers with “Quick Fixes” to Everyday Business Issues

Purchased through SAP America, the scope and price of all SAP Direct packages are clearly defined and usually delivered within 30 days, with payment required only after completion of the services. As a result, SAP Direct solutions deliver the rapid efficiency improvements customers need to continually increase their return on investment and lower their total cost of ownership. “SAP Direct offers customers what they need: a quick, affordable solution to address a specific need in their business operations,” said Kevin Young, vice president of field marketing, SAP America. “With SAP Direct packaged services, SAP is focused on delivering a targeted set of solutions that will improve, simplify or automate our customers’ existing SAP implementation to deliver immediate additional value to their SAP investment.”
For example, before SAP Direct packaged services, a customer who would like to integrate automated fax and email into their SAP system would have to go through the costly and time-consuming process of searching for software and implementation vendors, evaluating proposals and possibly disrupting their business processes for an unknown period of time. With the automated fax or email packaged service from SAP Direct, SAP offers a one-stop-shopping solution that includes the appropriate software, installation, configuration and knowledge transfer for key users, in less than 30 days, for less than $30,000. Once the packaged service is implemented, customers can output, via fax or email, the most commonly used business documents, including purchase orders, invoices, sales acknowledgements and customer statements, directly from the SAP system, saving users time and reducing overall communication costs.
SAP works with packaged service providers such as Proceed North America to leverage complementary third-party software developers such as EASY SOFTWARE, Esker, IXOS Software and Readsoft, to offer a comprehensive list of packaged services to SAP customers looking to augment existing SAP implementations. SAP Direct builds on SAP’s history of success in combining the offerings of SAP software partners and services providers to help enterprises enhance and streamline business processes. “We’re pleased to be working with SAP to deliver SAP Direct packaged services to SAP customers and bring them solution enhancements that are requested every day,” said Yvonne Hyland, president and CEO, Proceed North America. “By focusing on quickly providing real operational answers to business needs, we’re helping SAP customers extract even more value from their SAP investment.”

The variety of SAP Direct

SAP is currently offering more than 50 SAP Direct packaged services, addressing a wide variety of defined business issues, such as:

  • Data archiving, for the relocation of application data from completed business transactions to a secure storage system;
  • Automated fax and email, to integrate fax and email into business systems by allowing customers to send either fax or email directly from the SAP system;
  • Purchase order and requisition approval, to improve the workflow of purchase orders or requisitions;
  • Automated purchase invoice processing, to automate the accounts payable process so that invoices can be input, validated and posted without manual intervention;
  • Web vendor managed inventory, providing secure Internet-based access for vendors to display all materials for which they are responsible, thus increasing the integration and efficiency of the supply chain;
  • SAP Earlywatch Check safeguarding package, to analyze the components of a mySAP Business Suite implementation, operating system and database to determine how to optimize performance and keep total cost of ownership to a minimum; and
  • SAP Operations Competence Assessment, providing a review of a customer’s support organization with recommendations for improvement and future development with the aim of reducing the customer’s total cost of ownership and enhancing end user satisfaction.

SAP Direct was originally offered in the United Kingdom in 2000 and is now available in the United States, as well as through SAP distributors in Denmark, Ireland and South Africa. SAP America’s customers may order SAP Direct packaged services online or toll free at 1-800-238-5695. A catalog of all the SAP Direct offerings is also available.

Source: SAP AG