Providing Total Resource Visibility for Deployed Operations

Heightened information processing and secure communications networks are crucial to planning and executing deployed operations and force preparedness exercises. Additionally, defense and security operations, which are carried out across international boundaries, require compressed decision-making cycles and a high level of total asset visibility. SAP for Defense & Security provides integrated logistics and resource management for armed forces, police and relief organizations in addition to specialized functionality for force planning, tactical logistics, personnel and organization management, material management and infrastructure management. The breadth of functionality and integration of SAP for Defense & Security solutions delivers the end-to-end capability to manage and monitor units, personnel and equipment from mobilization through deployment, in any location, at any time through satellite functionality in a mobile environment.
In order to meet the challenges of planning and supporting deployed forces, defense organizations around the world such as the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy and the Israeli Navy intend to use key components of the SAP for Defense & Security solution set to enable mobile operations planning and execution, global access to readiness data, collaboration and decision support capabilities for combatant commanders. “Resource limitation is common to all military forces. Often, mission success or failure hinges on effective use of available resources,” said retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. John Barry, vice president, SAP for Defense & Security. “With the SAP solutions, defense and security organizations around the world will enhance their ability to view resources and horizontally integrate with actionable knowledge resulting in savings in money and time.”

Mobile Computing for Deployed Operations and Exercises

The German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) faced the need to transform from a static army for domestic defense to one flexible enough to fulfill international peacekeeping deployments. After a study of the current architecture, the German Armed Forces determined that it required a solution able to support mobile deployments. Through a strategic development partnership with the German Armed Forces, SAP developed mobile functionality to enable forces to efficiently and flexibly prepare, execute and complete deployed operations and exercises. The functionality leverages the SAP Mobile Infrastructure technology component of the SAP NetWeaver integration and application platform to execute field operations independent of a direct connection to a central SAP system. The mobile functionality of SAP for Defense & Security provides the military chain of command with a single, end-to-end capability to manage and monitor units, personnel and equipment through all stages of the mobilization process.

Combat Support for Tactical Logistics Operations

Currently the largest and most complex U.S. Army logistics automation technology initiative, Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) is being implemented to transform supply chain business processes to enhance logistics support of Army tactical combat operations. GCSS-Army is the primary tactical logistics enabler to achieve the Army Campaign Plan and Combat Support/Combat Service Support (CS/CSS) Transformation Vision in support of soldiers in the field. The GCSS-Army rollout will allow more than 135,000 soldier and contractor users in the total army to view complete logistics management information and make timely, data-driven decisions. The initiative will integrate and streamline operations from factory to foxhole across a single army logistics enterprise and will replace 14 standard army mission information system baselines comprising several thousand disparate legacy applications currently in use worldwide. The SAP solution will provide the U.S. Army with accurate logistics management information for effective execution of supply, maintenance and property accountability operations as well as timely data sharing with other Army and Department of Defense automation systems.

Seamless Logistics and Maintenance at the U.S. Navy

In an effort to reinvent and standardize processes for acquisition, financial and logistics operations, the U.S. Department of the Navy has embarked upon four separate programs to transform America’s military infrastructure to meet the needs of the 21st-century war-fighter. Four naval commands served as SAP pilot sites, the Naval Air Systems Command, NAVAIR; Naval Sea Systems Command, NAVSEA; Naval Supply Systems Command, NAVSUP; and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, SPAWAR. Together the commands are using approximately 35,000 seats of SAP software to integrate finance, program management, capital fund management, supply management, maintenance and other activities. After successful deployments at each command site, the Navy is consolidating the pilots into one functional solution to be rolled out across the Navy. With the SAP solutions to be rolled out, the U.S. Navy will seek to unify its business processes and automated information systems to lower overall maintenance costs, improve management decision making, move more maintenance work ashore, improve resource management and enhance combat readiness.

Role-based Portal for Informed Decision Making

The Israeli Navy is leveraging SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP Business Intelligence, key technology components of SAP NetWeaver, to integrate and analyze disparate data from existing non-SAP personnel, medical, transportation and finance systems. The components will streamline the ability of 500 senior Israeli Navy officials to access multiple sources of information. The portal will be deployed in phases according to roles, with the most senior naval officers, including department heads and divisional commanders, gaining primary access. Subsequent phases will include access for the technical centers and their respective commanders, interim command teams at technical bases and junior command levels through the operational tier, including maintenance and logistics personnel. The SAP rollout will equip the Israeli Navy with quick, role-based portal access to comprehensive, real-time information on all material assets and personnel in each theatre of operations to support effective decision making.

SAP NetWeaver Improves Data Quality for Mission-Readiness

For defense and security agencies, mission-readiness requires the successful integration of people, information and processes across multiple agencies, departments and organizations. The framework for SAP for Defense & Security is based on the SAP NetWeaver integration and application platform, enabling improved information sharing and knowledge flow while supporting mobile operations for deployed resources to operate as a single, connected team. SAP NetWeaver helps transform available data from multiple independent systems into timely, accurate and relevant actionable information.
Defense and security agencies require more than the ability to connect overlapping databases; they must eliminate redundant systems and use information-sharing solutions that securely deliver total visibility into operations – from foxhole to factory –to make informed decisions. With SAP NetWeaver, data integration for mobile business, financials, human resources, supply chain and logistics interfaces with business logic to improve data quality and visibility. “Information provides a competitive advantage only when it is effectively translated into superior knowledge and decisions,” said Tom Shirk, president, SAP Global Public Services. “SAP for Defense & Security provides access to integrated information and decision support tools that span the value chain of the enterprise and enhance the ability to make timely, informed decisions.”

Source: SAP AG