Austria’s 21 Universities Gain Financial Autonomy with SAP

With the new regulations eliminating procedures such as state-controlled budgetary decisions and “career automation” for civil servants, the education ministry needed a standardized enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that could help each university run its operations like an independent commercial enterprise. The new law mandates that each university create a three-year budget according to its own priorities and take decisions regarding acquisitions, research funding, employment, promotions and salary increases. In order to turn a legal necessity into an organizational strength, the ministry and university leaders made a strategic decision for a wide-scale SAP software deployment. Implemented within 18 months, the software helps the universities with financials, controlling and materials management. Each university is now able to achieve flexible budget planning and double-entry bookkeeping in compliance with commercial law, while gaining comprehensive tools for analysis and reporting.
In addition to enabling financial transparency and decision-oriented accounting, the SAP solution provides the universities with the integration and scalability needed to deliver fast, quality service and increase their competitiveness internationally. In all, Austria’s public university system comprises 200,000 students and 20,000 employees. With more than 650 higher education and research customers worldwide, SAP provides integrated solutions to facilitate research, teaching and study as well as to manage core processes of campus administration, including grants management, student information management, funds management, personnel management and financial and managerial accounting.

Source: SAP AG