It Remains Committed to Leadership in Enterprise Software

Because of the possible disclosure of confidential and proprietary information during court proceedings, SAP prefers to make a statement on issues that under ordinary circumstances it has a policy not to discuss publicly. During ongoing discussions with Microsoft Corp. regarding a joint development partnership around Web services, SAP confirmed that Microsoft Corp. approached SAP late last year to discuss the idea of a potential merger between the two companies. The preliminary talks were discontinued this spring, with no intention of resuming the discussions. However, the two parties entered a joint development partnership around Web services and a patent cross licensing agreement, which were announced on May 12, 2004.
“SAP, like all publicly held corporations, routinely evaluates potential opportunities to strengthen its leading position in the enterprise software market, and the disclosure made today should be interpreted this way,” said Henning Kagermann, Chief Executive Officer of SAP. “SAP is committed to continue working together with Microsoft to make effective use of Web services technology and to provide continued value to our customers.” He added, “SAP remains steadfast in delivering a host of enterprise software solutions and services that are open and flexible to satisfy the needs of its customers around the globe.”

Source: SAP AG