ORSYP Establishes a Center of Competence for SAP Solutions in SAP PartnerPort at Walldorf

Being now located at Walldorf, ORSYP can go even further in the level of integration of Dollar Universe Solutions with SAP Solutions. ORSYP developers will work on the development of Dollar Universe for SAP Solutions using SAP resources while remaining close to SAP developers to make sure that end customers get a solution to secure their business background process automation that is perfectly integrated with their SAP solutions.
In addition, this proximity of SAP will enable ORSYP to synchronize its developments and product releases with SAP developments so as customer can benefit from the latest technological improvements as well as from the most deeply integrated job scheduling solution. ORSYP also considers its presence at PartnerPort as an opportunity to develop joint business related to SAP solutions, with SAP AG and SAP partners with high technological added value to offer german customers solutions perfectly integrated in their environments through a network of SAP integrators well established locally across the country. Guaranteeing customers that they get a complete job scheduling solution for their SAP environment, but also that Dollar Universe for use with mySAP Business Suite solutions is well integrated with other SAP partners products, ORSYP allows SAP AG customers to definitly protect their investments.

Source: ORSYP GmbH